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Top 10 Best Horror Games For iPhone And iPad (2023)

Here is a list of the best and scariest horror games for iPhone & iPad that you can play in 2023.

Horror Games on iPhone and iPad have come a long way and if you are a fan of the genre, this guide has the best and the scariest ones. Whether hacking and slashing zombies is your jam or going through an eerie five nights as a security guard, this list will help you satisfy that hunger and thrill that you have for this genre.

Best and Scariest iPhone & iPad Horror Games in 2023

Eyes Horror & Coop Multiplayer

Eyes Best Horror iOS iPad Games.

Eyes Horror & Coop Multiplayer is a game for someone who enjoys mystery along with horror. Unlock various levels with spooky survival gameplay modes. The first level takes place in the Mansion. As a thief, you need to find and steal money bags. Explore various abandoned locations like the hospital and school. Later on, you get to be an architect of your own customized location and monster. What is phenomenal about the game is that it lets you see through the eyes of the monster with the help of an Eye shaped icon or Runes painted on several walls. Watch out for Krasue the ghastly character that appears out of the blue only to give you a blood-curdling experience.

Into the Dead 2 – Best iPhone & iPad Horror Game

Into the Dead 2 Best Horror iOS iPad Games

Into the Dead 2 is perfect for zombie survival game buffs. Welcome to the zombie-infested world. Unlock and upgrade several weapons and explosives to smash every grim Zombie that comes your way. Run for your life through 60 stages loaded with unending challenges. The realistic graphics of the Zombies will jump-scare you and get you addicted to the game. You can play this game offline and 4 game modes are available. The 4 game modes are Classic, Massacre, Hardcore, and Flashlight which provide you with better ammo and a fast head start. If FPS is your drive then we recommend you check out this horror game for iPhone and iPad.

Death Park: Scary Horror Clown

Death-Park-Scary-Horror Clown

The Horror genre is incomplete without the tales of horrific clowns in abandoned theme parks. Experience the eerie theme park all by yourself in Death Park: Scary Horror Clown. You are in a room hiding under the bed and someone comes searching for you. This part itself will give you racing heartbeats. You find a note with the game instructions. The first level begins in Death Park. Crack your head to solve complex puzzles in seven distinct locations. Within each level, you can unlock different game modes like Administration, Labyrinth, and Circus. Look out for clowns that give you creepy and chilling vibes.

Five Nights at Freddy’s AR – Best iPhone & iPad Horror Game

Five Nights at Freddys Best Horror iOS iPad Games

If you have always wanted to try a spooky AR game, then Five Nights at Freddy’s is just the right game with an amazing concept that uses animatronic effects. All you need to do is survive 5 dreadful nights as a security guard in a pizza café. The amazing augmented reality enhances the audio-visual graphics of the game giving you immense goosebumps. The jump scares and eerie vibes makes this one of the best and scariest horror games on iPhone & iPad.


Granny Best Horror iOS iPad Games

Have you heard about evil grannies? Gain a first-hand experience from Granny who has locked you up in a room. You have five days to escape and find keys, hammers, and codes. The search is going to be extremely difficult. The wicked granny is out there hunting for you. The fear of being caught is going to be dreadful for you as the granny will brutally kill you if she spots you.

Evil Nun: Horror at School

Evil Nun Horror at School

Are you afraid of a ghostly nun? Evil Nun: Horror at School is an interesting game as it offers you a chance to find and beat the Nun and finally escape the school. The horrifying sounds provide you with a really horrid experience. The main objective of this horror game is to escape Eagle’s Junior High School from the clutches of Sister Madeline. Solve fun puzzles and challenges to unlock several escape routes. You could explore Evil Nun 2: Origins for another terrifying adventure.

Walking Dead: The Game – Best iPhone & iPad Horror Game

Walking Dead The Game Best Horror iOS iPad Games

If we are talking about the best and scariest horror games on iPhone and iPad, it is incomplete without mentioning The Walking Dead. Walking Dead: The Game storyline is taken from The Walking Dead comic series composed by Robert Kirkman. Against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse, your job is to help Clementine escape and find her parents. The game asks you to choose wisely from the available decisions during tough situations. You will ace the game if you are a good decision-maker. Ultimately, your choices will decide the fate of your survival. Watch out for gory scenes that will give you some nightmares.

Lost Within

Lost Within

Lost Within is a horror-adventure game set in a haunted asylum. The transition from flashbacks to the game takes you to another spectrum of terrifying emotions so get ready for some crazy hallucinations. The major objective is to escape from the ghastly creatures that pop up in your way either by hiding in lockers or using your stun gun. The game indeed provides an enriching first-person experience. The plot of the game succeeds in arousing curiosity in the players.

The Ghost – Survival Horror

The Ghost Survival Horror Best Horror iOS iPad Games

The Ghost-Survivor Horror offers you a thrilling storyline. You are admitted to a hospital with your friends only to find out one morning that you are all trapped. It’s pitch dark and all you have is a torch. Find the key items to escape. Solving puzzles in this desolate, haunted place offers one of the best white-knuckle gameplays. You can enjoy this multiplayer adventure game with your friends either as a survivor or as a ghost. While it’s not that famous, it is one of the best horror games on iPhone & iPad.

The School: White Day

The School White Day

Are you afraid of Friday the 13th? Well, you should be. The School: White Day unfolds on this day when So-Young is looking at a picture of her sister Na-Young who is now dead. You play the newly transferred student named Hee-Min who has to uncover the dreadful tragic mystery of Na-Young by unraveling the horrid story divided into 5 Chapters. Watch out for Na-Young’s possessed mother who wails for her dead daughter, thirsty for revenge. Play this game to find out what happened in Yeondu High School.  The uniqueness of the game lies in its no requirement for any weapon or supernatural powers. The ending of the game is going to throw you off your feet. This last-best game on our list offers a 3D experience.

These were some of the best and scariest iPhone and iPad horror games to play in 2023. You can check our guide on the scariest Roblox games.