Top Mods for Hades: List of 5 Best Mods You Must Try Once

Learn how to tweak your Hades game by installing Mods Like Codex Menu, Weapon Upgrade Cost Reducer, Generous Wretched Broker, etc. ,

Hades mods make the title even more interesting than before, while most mods are targeted towards making the game even more immersive and fun, some mods allow you to cheat and tweak a few settings to make things go your way.

Mods and game developers have shared a love-hate relationship over the years and while some games developers do not allow mods, others are open to see what the gaming community can come up with that will make it even more fun.

Mods are a direct response to the community’s wants and needs and this helps to increase the longevity of the game for years even after the official support no longer is available.

Below we’ve listed some of the best mods for Hades, this will not only improve the overall gameplay experience of Hades but also tweak the gameplay a bit to make it less unforgiving on players.

Best Mods For Hades

hades best mods

Zagreus’ Weapons 100x Stronger

Zagreus will have to go through a lot of enemies before he can find his father Hades and defeat him at the Temple of Styx. While Zagreus’ weapon is nice, to begin with, the enemies are formidable and will cut right through you should you give them the opportunity.

This mod will help you increase the strength of your weapon by 100 times making most of the enemies that you fight against seem pointless and easy to take down. While you’re focusing on the weapons, do not be distracted by the fact that bosses in Hades will use abilities as well.

This mod is created by Doctor Doom and will give your weapons an overpowering advantage in the battlefield making mince out of enemies never felt easier.

Zagreus the Angler

If you’ve enjoyed the fishing aspect in Hades but felt it should have occurred more frequently? If yes, then this mod is exactly made for you. Zagreus the Angler will help you to enjoy fishing more often by spawning pools more often.

The mod also increases your chances of catching fish by removing fake bobs and places like Tartarus, Surface, and other places will have more pools than ever before. So, sit back and relax while you calmly fish and enjoy some leisure time in Hades while Hell keeps burning.

Codex Menu

In Zagreus’ journey, he will often be assisted by the Gods who give bestow boons and give the players some of the best abilities in the game. While using the power of the Gods can make you feel invincible, this mod will literally let you play as a God.

Well, not literally as you cannot suddenly transform into Ares or Zeus but you get to enable God Mode with this mod and get as many boons, items, consumables, enemies, bosses, or unleash powerful commands.

Codex Menu really shows you the full scale of your powers and the possibility that a bit of manipulation can give to you. If you’re having trouble progressing through Hades, we recommend that you check this mod out instantly.

WUPCR (Weapon Upgrade Cost Reducer)

Weapon upgrades in Hades can be a bit difficult as the Titan Blood can be hard to come by and the WUPCR mod rectifies that by changing the amount of Titan Blood that you will need to upgrade your weapon.

With this mod, you can upgrade your weapons for as much Titan Blood that you have in the game and when paired up with the Codex Menu mod, you can literally one-shot kill lesser enemies in Hades which though easy still somehow feels satisfying.

The best thing about this mod is the fact that it is update proof and even with an official update to the game, this mod will work perfectly fine.

Generous Wretched Broker

As we all know, purchasing things from vendors in games results in you losing out on precious resources, this mod changes that by making the broker so generous that you can pick anything from any broker in the game for absolutely free.

You will still need to locate the broker but the chance to get everything for absolutely free in the game means that you can fill up all your resources at every opportunity without any consideration or second though.

Use the Generous Wretched Broker mod to make the concept of trade seem like a dream and for a moment hell will seem like a place where everything can be yours.

We will keep updating this list with more mods as and when we think a mod is useful to have an impact on the actual gameplay of Hades in the future.

These are the best mods that you can check out for Hades right now. While you’re here use the mods to go up aginst boss like Meg or Hades himself.