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Best Grenade Spots In Dust 2 CS:GO – Where To Throw Smoke Or Flash Grenades?

Here are top 10 locations to throw Grenades in Dust 2.

Want to know the best locations to throw grenades in CSGO? I am going to share the most important spots where throwing a smoke or flash grenade can shock the opponent team. Before they realize what is happening, you can sneak into their zones in seconds. This is what CSGO is all about, some explosive decisions can turn the entire match in your favor. Many players use Grenades an important tool to stun enemies, they can blind them with flash or hide their locations through smoke grenades. You can also damage enemies’ health by the regular one. But it is risky to throw grenades because the throw-animation can delay your response. This can lead to a fatal end of your game, thankfully there are some hidden CSGO tactics you can try out using only Grenades. You can throw them at a distance to distract enemies. This article contains the 10 best spots to throw grenades in the Dust 2 map of CSGO.

Best Grenade Spots in CSGO Dust 2 [2022]

Throwing grenades with the right strategy will help you to get an edge over the opposing team. No matter if they are alone in front of a group. I am going to share the best spots to throw Grenades in Dust 2 along with the accurate location from where you have to throw it. Do not pull out a grenade when an enemy is near. Throwing a grenade from distance is the best thing to do, but from where exactly matters the most. To make this simpler to understand consider X as a point of standing location and Y as the point of throwing location.

Before starting with the Dust 2 best grenade spots guide, I am sharing a full map below. This map is shared on Steam by User – Froosh. Hit the link to check out more high-quality images of different maps. To view a larger image of the below map click on it, you will get the Steam Link of Full-Size Dust 2 Map with all Callouts in it.

CSGO Dust 2 Full Map with Callouts

The above CSGO Dust 2 Maps has all important callouts locations. The objective here is to use this map to spot the best places to throw grenades. As I shared above to help you I will use the codes S and T. S is the standing point and T is the throwing point. You have to be on X and project your throw at Y point. In this way, you can grab more range and throw grenades from far before engaging with the enemies.

Best CSGO Grenade Spots for T-Group

1. T-Spawn to Mid Doors: 

CSGO Dust 2 T-Spawn Grenade Spot

  • X – T- Spawn
  • Y – Mid Doors

At T-Spawn place yourself on the spot where you can see the Suicide area, the thin alley that leads to Top Mid > Mid and then to Mid Doors. Look all the way up to the sky and run a little ahead and throw the grenade. The projection will lead grenades to drop outside the mid-doors. Either it bounces or crosses through the door. CT-Spawn is just to the right of Mid-Door, this will create a panic environment within them. To an extent the opposing team might believe you are near to them. This is the best spot to confuse CT in Dust 2.

2. T-Spawn Long Doors: 

CSGO Dust 2 T-Spawn Mid Doors Grenade Spot

  • X – T- Spawn
  • Y – Long Doors

Long Doors are right to the T-Spawn region, you will have to run and get some space before throwing the grenades. I have marked multiple trajectory locations on the screenshot above. Do not stand and throw, run a little and then target the spots. You can either choose to throw it inside the doors or above it. Throwing it above will drop the grenade between Blue and Side Pit. You will have to practice this to adjust your trajectory. This is the best Dust 2 spot to throw a grenade before crossing the long door. You can also throw when you are near the doors, grenades will drop at the start of Long A.

3. Car at Long A

CSGO Dust 2 T-Spawn Cars Grenade Spot

You can directly target the Car area on the left of the CT-Spawn area. Many players use the spot for camping. For this, you will have to cross the long door and use the barrel on the right side. Climb up to get some extra height and throw it above the roof. This will make the grenade to land exactly on or near the car area. In this way, you can lower the health of any enemy camping on that region. A smarter way to move towards the A base.

4. A-Base

CSGO Dust A-Base Grenade SpotIf you had planed the bomb and there are CT guys left to defuse it then you can try out this trick. Stand near the wooden box below the sign and throw the grenade on the right corner of the wall at the A-Base. Use the above image for reference, this will drop the explosive on the CT-guy who is defusing. The best way to reduce health or distract before you take the lead. Use Molotov’s here it can cause longer damage to anyone in the range.

5. Upper B- Tunnels

CSGO Dust B-Tunnel Grenade Spot

While in the upper tunnels area if enemies are guarding the B-Base then you can use the above wall to control the grenade projectile. Grenades will drop outside without exposing you, and you can communicate with your team to throw more. In this way, you can scatter players at the B-Base location. This is one of the best spots to flash enemies.

These are the best grenade spots in Dust 2 in CSGO. Both CT and T teams can use this and I am going to update this guide with more accurate spots. Remember all rely on the thrown angle, this will let you understand in advance where really the grenade falls. With proper team-play, you can wipe or confuse your enemies in advance. To get more help you can also try out our guide on best CSGO Settings, best CSGO Crosshair Settings, or just scan through our CSGO Tips and Tricks category for the latest updates on this game.