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Best Early-Game Fuses In Tears Of The Kingdom (Weapons & Shields)

Want to make the best fused weapons in TOTK? Then check out our guide on the best Early-game Fuses in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

The Fuse ability has been introduced for the first time in Tears of the Kingdom. The Fuse system allows you to combine materials onto any weapon. This means that almost anything can be fused together in TOTK. Fusing also boosts the durability and attack power of your weapon. After unlocking the Fuse ability, you can always explore and try out wacky combinations on your own. In the end, you will need the best combinations possible to help you win every fight. Here is our Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom guide that shows you the best Early-Game Fuses.

Best Early-Game Fuses in Tears of The Kingdom


Spiked Iron Ball Hammer

The Spiked Iron Ball Hammer is one of the best early-game fuses that you can find in Zelda TOTK. To make it, you will need to fuse a single-hand weapon with a Spiked Iron Ball. Using a Spiked Iron Ball Hammer will give you a +9 Damage boost over your base weapon.

Bomb Flower Arrows – Best Fuses

You can craft a Bomb Flower Arrow by fusing Bomb Flowers with arrows. They are the perfect substitutes for grenades in the game. So, if you are ever surrounded by hordes of enemies, shooting a couple of Bomb Flower Arrows at them will do the job. The best location to farm Bomb Flowers is at the Royal Hidden Passage in Tears of the Kingdom. Combining the flower with an arrow makes it one of the best fuses in TOTK as it adds +1 damage.

Diamond Fused Weapon

Diamond Fused weapons are arguably the best fuses in Zelda TOTK right now. However, this combination might not sit well with every player. Since Diamond has a high resale value, it is not always wise to waste it on weapons with low base damage. But if you plan to take the plunge and fuse a Diamond with any weapon, you will get a whopping +25 boost over the weapon’s base damage.

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Flame Emitter Shield

One of the best and most useful fuses in Tears of the Kingdom is the Flame Emitter Shield. All you need to do is fuse a Flame Emitter with a Shield. You will now have a shield that can not only defend against attacks but also shoot flames at enemies.

That sums up our list on the best Fuses in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. While you’re still here, check out how to fuse items to arrows and the best Fused and Unfused Weapons in our Zelda TOTK section.