The Top 10 Best Forest Mods That Will Beef-Up Your Gaming

Best Forest Mods for every player

The Forest has been fast to build its fanbase after launch and for all the valid reasons. Now some players may find it a bit intense and nerve-wracking as this survival game does contain aspects of full-blown violence and certain disturbing scenes that might not be for the faint-hearted, the game has been rated M17+. However, remember this is a survival game. That is the beauty of it, the eerie feeling and the fear that the environment and the characters bring seem real and dark. The unique thing about it is that the game gives complete freedom to the player about what turns the game takes and the survival instincts kick in instantaneously. The game in itself is an experience like never before, we still have a choice to install mods and change certain aspects of the gameplay. Below listed are our Best top 10 Mods for The Forest of all time.

The top 10 best Forest Mods of All Time for every player.

The below are the best Forest mods of all time.

10). Active Shadows

Active Shadows

Being a forest survival game, The Forest is filled with dense trees and a day and night time zone. All in all, the players come across a fair bit of darkness in the game which makes the graphics a little dodgy having less clarity. The active shadows mod activate the constant movement of the sun and shadows giving you light wherever you move in the forest. The enhanced shadows will bring in a more realistic experience within the game which will make the user explore more to capture the beauty of the surroundings. The light will help the player see the enemies better increasing their kill efficiency in the darker locations.

9). More Enemies Mod Plus Deluxe Ultra

More Enemies
Image Source: Gamesear

For players who think they can handle more than what the game has to offer, the More Enemies Mod Plus Deluxe Ultra is sure to take you on an adrenaline rush by constantly spawning more enemies and giving you better challenges. That does not end there, the enemies will be twice in number and almost twice as difficult to defeat with aggressive attacks that the game by default provides. If you are looking to constantly be on edge and get a hands-on experience with the game, this is one of the best Forest mods for you.

8). FOV Changer

Forest Mod FOV Changer
Image source: ModAPI

on number nine of our Best The Forest Mods list, the Field Of View mod allows you to switch the view of the game between 60, 80, 90, 100, 110 degrees. The users can satisfy their aesthetic doses of the beautiful environment around them in all kinds of views. The installation is one of the easiest installations that you can find and allows you to see wider areas helping you stay more alert while spotting and killing enemies.

7). Map

Forest Map Mod

Unlike most open-world games, The forest does not provide the player a map by default. The players are essentially blind in terms of locations and have to keep exploring a blank slate. While this can be adventurous for some, the rest who would like a roadmap to the game without all the uncertainty of exploring can use the map mod. it provides the games with full maps of the game. You can move around the map and also put in markers. It also displays the locations of all the cannibals and players around you. One of the most helpful Forest mods.

6). Custom Enemy Stats

Custom Enemy Stats
Image Source: FandomSpot

The Forest can be a little overwhelming especially for players who are just starting with the survival horror genre. They may face difficulties in defeating their enemies which is why we recommend the Custom Enemy Stats for them. This mod allows users to customize the difficulty level to help them progress in the game easily. The users wanting a harder level can also customize it to a greater difficulty than the game provides. There are approximately 30 customizable stats according to the player’s preference.

5). Player Upgrade Points

Player Upgrade Points Best The Forest mods of all time

The Player Upgrade Points mod will multiply the experience of your character every time you kill enemies and a higher experience will gain players a faster level up and more upgrade points. These upgrade points will in turn give you accessibility to upskill your character’s statistics. The player will get stronger faster and glide through the gameplay easier than usual without waiting around to level up at a slower pace.

4). Full Inventory

Making it at number 3 on our Best The Forest Mods list is Full Inventory. If you are bored roaming around collecting all the inventory needed one by one and do not want to waste time getting the materials needed manually, the full inventory mod will be for you. The F7 button is all you need to get a full stack putting you in the fast lane instantly. No more waiting around to search and acquire all the resources, just install this mod.

3). Clarity Mod

Clarity Forest Mod
Image source:ModAPI

The forest has an underwater perspective which is unfortunately blurry in the game. With the Clarity mod, this blur effect is fused opening a whole new underwater world left to be explored with a clear vision for the player. The entire gameplay takes a different aesthetic altogether and allows the player to explore more via this Forest mods.

2). Better blueprints Forest Mod

Best The Forest mods of all time

All our creative gamers out there who love to defy the law of physics would come back and thank us for this mod recommendation! This mod literally allows you to build anything anywhere which any kind of layout, structure, or shape with no anchor point limit. It changes the blueprint of the whole game and the color is customizable as well.

1). Ultimate Cheat menu Forest Mod

Coming to our ultimate boss the Ultimate Cheatmenuis exactly what it sounds like, a menu card at your disposal for pretty much any customization you need. This makes the game a lot more customizable and hence appealing to the players as they can pretty much do whatever they want off it. From teleportation to invisibility and killing and spawning anything and everything is accessible with this mod. All the tricks the players can unlock including holding infinite logs at one time to activating God mod, this one here is the ultimate forest dream making it one of the most downloaded The Forest mods of all time.

So that will be all for our Best The Forest Mods of all-time list. Though all these mods help the player personalize their experience of the game, the mods are not always foolproof. They do contain certain bugs and glitches so user discretion is advised. Also, we have a guide on Forest Cheats Codes, refer to the link for more details.