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How to Unlock Good Ending in Cyberpunk 2077?

Want to live forever or die?

Cyberpunk 2077 has multiple ending, depending on what path you choose to proceed with various main missions. With over six different endings the game is all set to surprise with its twists and turns. In this guide, we will discuss how to unlock a good ending in Cyberpunk 2077. SPOILER ALERT – Before proceeding beware of spoilers coming up. If you are still playing the game and do not want to know upcoming reveals you can skip this article. Or else we can continue with how to unlock the best ending in CP2077.

How to get a Good Ending in CP2077?


SPOILER ALERT – SPOILER ALERT – SPOILER ALERT – SPOILER ALERT. Still with me, then let’s begin with how to unlock the best ending in CP2077.

CP2077 Good Ending Guide

To unlock CP2077 Good Ending you will have to let go Johnny. It is necessary to maintain a good relationship with him throughout the game. As you proceed towards the end game a to of things change. For example, f you had completed all side jobs you will see a different ending. Be good with Johnny until you unlock Nocturne OP55N1 Mission.


Trust Arasaka for the final mission of the game. Johnny will not be happy with your decision, take Omega Blockers, and proceed after saying goodbye. Follow the steps below to reach good ending.

  1. Call Hanako. She will send a car to pick you. Anders Hellman is the driver.
  2. Rescue Hanako and go to Arasaka Tower.
  3. Attend Board Meeting with Hanako and her father and reveal Yorinobu killed Saburo.
  4. Defeat the Arasaka Guards and Boss Adam Smasher. Adam is the one who killed Johnny.
  5. Find Yorinobu and leave him with Hanako.
  6. Talk to Hellman who will take you to Mikoshi.
  7. Enter into Cyberspace to get your old friend back.
  8. Return to your body back, you will be in Arasaka orbital station. Hellman will offer you two choices.

Arasaka orbital station Hellma Choices:


  1. To secure your soul Sign a contract to join Arasaka’s pilot program.
  2. Refuse the contract and return to Earth, you will die before winter. You are not allowed to go back and will have a life of 6 months.

Choice 1 will unlock a Good ending in CP2077. When you accept Arasaka’s pilot program contract you will secure your soul. It creates an engram of V’s mind and stores it in Mikoshi.

If you are dying to check more endings then hit this link – CP2077 All Endings. There are over 6 different endings including a secret ending in CP2077. For more tips and tricks on the game do not forget to check our CP2077 Wiki Guide.