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Best Endgame Tips For Outriders

Are you looking for the best endgame tips for Outriders? Check out everything that you need to know

These endgame tips for Outriders will help you to not only be the best at killing these otherwordly aliens but as well get the most out of the game. Since you’re at the endgame part, there are certain things that you should be aware of to maximize your push against Yagak, who will be your last boss fight in the game.

Best Endgame Tips For Outriders

Endgame tips for Outriders will cover topics like which weapons you should upgrade, which mods to buy, how to ensure that you do not get knocked by enemies, and more. Every major topic discussed here will help you to advance your strategies and ensure that you use the gameplay mechanics to your advantage and not being killed by them constantly.

best endgame tips for outriders
Check out the best endgame tips for Outriders right here

Only Purchase Mods At Vendors

While vendors are ever ready to sell you almost everything that you’re going to need, it only makes sense to purchase specific mods from them if you’re in need of one. Do not bother about weapons as you will find that and gear by taking down the enemies that come stand in your way.

All you have to do is wait for the right weapon and as soon as you have it, purchase the necessary mod for it from the vendor and you’re good to go. Wasting your money by purchasing weapons and gear will only make you feel silly for cashing out for things that you can readily get in the game.

Upgrade Rare Weapons Best Endgame Tip

While it might seem like Epic Weapons are the ones that you should upgrade as they’re close to legendary, the cost of it outweighs the performance, hence we suggest that you upgrade all of your rare weapons and take them all the way till the end. This will not only get you better stats but also help by not letting you overspend than what you need to.

Either pick up legendary weapons and gears or simply keep upgrading your rare weapons and items in the game to get the most out of them, this is one of the best endgame tips in Outriders.

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Often time you will wish to discard a weapon or gear that you’re no longer in need of while selling these things is a great idea you can often sell your mods as well and this will result in you losing it forever. So, make sure that you always salvage your items before selling.

This will help you to keep all the important parts and then sell off the remaining items, it won’t have a direct effect on the price and you can still make a good chunk of money from what you sell.

Best Gear And Weapons

You never know when a massive fight will begin in Outriders when it comes to the endgame scenario and it is best if you always keep checking for the best gear and weapons that you have in your inventory. Adding mods to those items will help make you more powerful than ever before and you can then combine your skills, mods, and passive abilities to deal maximum damage to enemies.

Headshot for the kill In Endgame

Headshots cause the most damage, whether it is a boss battle or a normal enemy that you encounter in the game, make sure to target the head as often as possible and keep dodging enemy attacks. There will come a time when it will be necessary to change your position, and hence it is recommended that you keep changing your position often and aim for the head.

These are the best endgame tips for Outriders as they will help you progress far easier and much longer without facing many difficulties in the game. If you’re nearly at the end and are wondering about how to beat Yagak in Outriders, make sure to check it out right here on Gamer Tweak.