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Best Discord Emotes And Emoji Servers To Join In 2023

Love using emojis and using Discord? You should join a Discord Emotes server.

You can do a lot of fun stuff on Discord like sharing memes, using it as a voice channel when playing games, and more. And one of the most important features of Discord is Servers, you can join them to connect with new people. So if emojis are your thing and you want to share them with others then that’s where emote servers come in. So in this guide let us take a look at some of the Best Emotes and Emoji Servers on Discord that you can join in 2023.


Best Emoji and Emotes Discord Servers

best discord emote servers

These are the best servers with active communities that you can consider joining. Also, whenever you join any server be sure to read all of their rules. This will help prevent getting banned for unintentional mistakes. And this will also be informative for you to know whether you belong to that server or not. So now let us take a look at the servers.

  • Emoji.gg
  • Pepe Server
  • E-girl Paradise
  • Spoopy Vibes
  • A Crumb of Serotonin pls


This server provides you with a large variety of emojis to use, and if you happen to have Nitro you can use all of them. And the best part is you get to use these emotes even in your personal direct message chats. This server has 546,627 members at the time of writing this article. And 20% of them were online so you always have someone to talk to.


Pepe Server

Pepe the frog needs no introduction, and if you enjoy Pepe emojis this server is for you. This server has Pepe emojis from all over the web in one place. And what makes it better is that it has a rating of 4.6 stars on top.gg and over 471,254 members.

E-girl Paradise

Looking for a server with E-girls? This server has you covered. It has 500+ emotes and even some custom emotes and stickers. And more than 4 text channels where members are almost 24/7 active. It has a rating of 3.36 stars on top.gg and 489,614 members.


Spoopy Vibes

If dank memes are your thing then you should join this server. While this server is still growing, it already has a rating of 4.6 stars on top.gg and 35,137 members. And this server also has 475 emotes.

A Crumb of Serotonin pls

This server is a place for everyone, and especially if you need someone to talk to. And since this is a maid cafe-themed server, you will most likely find it different from other servers in this list. This server has 499 emotes for you to express yourself with. And it currently has a 3.8 stars rating on top.gg and 322,544 members.


That covers the best Emote and Emoji servers on Discord. If you enjoy using discord then be sure to check out our other guide on best game bots on Discord.