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Genshin Impact: Best Electro Characters Tier List

Here are all the Electro characters ranked in Genshin Impact.

There are some really powerful Electro characters in Genshin Impact fighting for the spot of who is the best. Each of them has their own abilities, but sadly some are just weaker than others. So check out this Tier List of the best Electro characters in Genshin Impact to find out which is the strongest among them.


Genshin Impact Best Electro Characters Ranked

genshin impact best electro characters tier list

Ranking Character Tier Rarity Weapon
12 Lisa D 4 Star Catalyst
11 Dori D 4 Star Claymore
10 Kuki Shinobu C 4 Star Sword
9 Kujou Sara C 4 Star Bow
8 Razor B 4 Star Claymore
7 Traveler B 5 Star Sword
6 Keqing A 5 Star Sword
5 Beidou A 4 Star Claymore
4 Cyno A 5 Star Polearm
3 Fischl S 4 Star Bow
2 Yae Miko S 5 Star Catalyst
1 Raiden Shogun S 5 Star Polearm

Let us check the top 3 Electro Characters.

Raiden Shogun – Best Electro Character in Genshin Impact

raiden shogun best electro character


Raiden Shogun is not only the best Electro character but also one of the strongest Archon in the game. Second only to Tsaritsa. Both of these Archons have very good control over their regions making them quite fearsome. But let us not get to discussing the Archons. Raiden Shogun is so powerful lore wise she managed to defeat Orobashi The “Great Serpent” alone. And if that isn’t enough she has even defeated the Signora in a single blow.

Now talking about the playable character we get in the game. Raiden Shogun is a 5-Star character who uses a Polearm in her fights. Her elemental burst Musou Shinsetsu infuses her weapon with electro. So any normal, charged, or plunged attack you do will deal Electro damage to your enemies. And this skill even regenerates energy for all party members.


So not only is she an excellent DPS character but also has some great support capabilities.

Yae Miko

yae miko


Yae Miko is a 5 Star character who uses a Catalyst as her weapon of choice. Her true potential lies when you time her elemental skill and elemental burst together. Her elemental skill works by you having to place 3 Sesshou Sakura. Any enemies that are in its vicinity are struck by lightning periodically. Now place all 3 of them surrounding an enemy and that will deal a lot more damage.

Then there is her elemental burst Tenko Kenshin. She summons a powerful lightning strike that attacks your enemy once. But if you have placed 3 Sesshou Sakura around them and then use her burst attack. It will strike the enemy 3 more times in quick succession. She is quite strong when it comes to dealing damage to your opponents.



Last but not least we have Fischl on this list. One of the biggest things going for her is her rarity. Since she is a 4-star character, players have a higher chance of getting her than the above two characters. But just because she is a 4-star character doesn’t mean she is weak. If anything she is more powerful than some 5-star characters in the game. And not just Electro characters.

Her weapon of choice is a Bow. Using her elemental skill she can summon Oz, the night raven forged of darkness and lightning. Which she can then use to deal Electro damage to her enemies that even has an AoE effect within a limited range. But her strongest power comes in her Elemental burst Midnight Phantasmagoria. She takes the form of Oz and can fly around for a short duration which enhances her movement speed immensely. And any enemy she touches during her burst will get struck by Electro damage. And even after her burst ends Oz stays on the field to attack the enemies for a while longer.

Lastly, she is a JoJo reference. So if none of her above abilities convinced you this should.

That covers this guide on the Tier list of the best Electro characters in Genshin Impact. If you enjoyed this list, you should also check our list of the best Pyro characters. And for other such lists & help on this game check out our Genshin Impact guides.