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Elden Ring: Best Curved Swords In Game

Learn about the Best Curved Swords you can get in Elden Ring from this guide.

Elden Ring has a lot of Bosses & Hostile creatures. Some of them are easy to deal with while others feel like it takes an eternity to defeat them. As such, you will need the Best Weapons & Gear. Among the various types of Weapons, the game has the Curved Swords Class. They are pretty nimble and amazing to use. In this guide, I will show you the Best Curved Swords in Elden Ring.

Best Curved Swords in Elden Ring

best curved swords elden ring

Curved Swords are a class of Weapons in Elden Ring which function similarly to other Swords. They have a more curved shape and specialize in Slash-based attacks. They can deal some good damage while being quick and nimble. The moveset of a Curved Sword allows the player to deal with multiple strikes in quick succession. If you Power-Stance them, you will be looking at a spinning Top of Doom. This is all good but which are the best ones to use? Well, below is a list of them.

Scavenger’s Curved Sword in Elden Ring

The Scavenger’s Curved Sword has a chipped edge which can deal more damage. Due to the chipped edge, it is the only Curved Sword to naturally deal Bleed Damage. It primarily scales off of STR & DEX having D scaling in both. You will need to have 9 STR & 14 DEX to wield it. Since it has bleed naturally, you can make some broken builds. Check out our guide on Scavenger’s Curved Sword to learn the most broken Build in Elden Ring yet. Just as a heads up, this Weapon has the potential to deal over 6K burst damage in one to two strikes.

Wing of Astel

The Wing of Astel is a Curved Sword made from a delicate wing, infused with the magic of the stars. If you are a Player whose build is based on INT, STR, & DEX then this is the sword for you. It is the perfect weapon for Mages & Wizards. It primarily scales off of INT, STR, & DEX having D scaling in INT & DEX and has an E scaling in STR. You will need to have 7 STR, 20 INT, & 17 DEX to wield it. It has the Unique Weapon Skill: Nebula which is unreplaceable by any other Ashes of War. You can get the Wing of Astel Curved Sword from a chest at the top of Uhl Palace Ruins, Ainsel River in Elden Ring. It is the best INT Weapon for INT users just because of the Ash of War.

Magma Blade

The Magma Blade is a Curved Sword made from the Lava of Mt. Gelmir. It is a favored weapon by the man-serpents. It is an amazing Weapon as it deals with Fire Damage on top of the Slash attacks. You can buff this even more by Incantations, Consumables, Talismans, & Armor. To get this weapon, you will have to farm the Man-Serpent enemies wielding the Magma Blade at Volcano Manor, Mt.Gelmir. It will be a possible drop so you will have to beat them multiple times. The weapon primarily scales off of INT, FAI, & DEX having D scaling in INT, FAI, & DEX. You will need to have 9 STR, 16 FAI, & 15 DEX to wield it. It has the Unique Weapon Skill: Magma Shower which cannot be replaced by any Ashes of War. This is the best Fire Curved Sword in Elden Ring.

This was all about the best Curved Swords in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guide on Highest Poise Armor & Alternatives in Elden Ring.