Best Curseforge Modpacks For Minecraft

Here are the best mods that you can download from Curseforge to completely transform your world in Minecraft.

Minecraft is that one game that never seems to drop in popularity, partly due to the mod community, and one such place to get all the best mods is through Curseforge modpacks. There can be confusion regarding what mods you should pick and install, this is where Curseforge modpacks come in. Some of these mods can change the game in drastic ways and give you an entirely new experience. Let’s take a look at some of the best modpacks you can download from Curseforge.

Best Minecraft Curseforge modpacks

Listed here are the best Curseforge modpacks for Minecraft:

Crash Landing

minecraft curseforge modpack crash landing

This one is for the sci-fi space explorers, those wanting to take the challenge of surviving on a barren planet after Crash Landing on it. This modpack changes Minecraft into a brutal survival experience on an extraterrestrial planet.

All the resources you have is on the ship you crashed in. Trying to figure out how to survive as long as possible on this alien planet makes for a very fun challenge. It adds mechanics like thirst, making it so that you have to find water that you can drink and stay alive. Although a simple concept, this mod is really good for a unique experience in Minecraft.

The Pixelmon Modpack

pixelmon modpack

Pokemon fans that play Minecraft will absolutely love The Pixelmon Modpack. Regardless though, this is a fun modpack in general that adds pokemon that you can catch to your Minecraft world. The mods included in the modpack give you the full pokemon experience with even the music and things like different biomes with different pokemon etc.

Featuring over 80 different biomes and pokemon that you can capture and battle, this is a great pokemon modpack. This Curseforge modpack is one of the best in Minecraft and is highly recommended even if you are not a pokemon fan.

Better Minecraft

modpack curseforge minecraft better mc

If you want Minecraft to feel as it is in vanilla without any mods, but also have it be better with more extra features, Better Minecraft does exactly that. It doesn’t change the game in drastic ways and you still play Minecraft as you play it. What it does is add quality features and things that should’ve been in the vanilla Minecraft.

It adds many different new biomes that you can explore. It also adds new dimensions like the Aether, Twilight Forest, Eden Ring, and Deeper and Darker. You can even find powerful enemies in the form of bosses that reward as much for killing them. That is just the surface of it, it adds many more things like new building blocks, minimap, better world generation, etc. so don’t miss out on this one!

Vault Hunters

modpack vault hunters

Digging down and finding dungeons in Minecraft can be a bit underwhelming. Enter, Vault Hunters, the mods that make dungeon crawling way more fun. This Modpack adds a whole new vault dimension where you can dungeon crawl as much as you like.

It keeps generating the dungeon and they are also way more interesting than the vanilla Minecraft. With new enemies and new places to explore and loot, you will always be on your toes with this one. It also has multiplayer features with its own servers where you can play with your friends. This is the best Curseforge modpack out there for dungeon dwellers in Minecraft.


curseforge modpack rl craft minecraft

Have you ever wanted Minecraft to be brutally difficult? Then RLCraft is the mod pack for you. This modpack adds mods that all aim to make Minecraft more realistic, which in turn also makes it way more difficult.

It adds many monsters and other enemies, even weapons. Minecraft becomes a full RPG experience that is reminiscent of the Souls series. RLCraft is one of the best modpack out there for this realistic type of experience.

These were all of the best modpacks that you can get from Curseforge. For more guides like this, check out our other articles like what are the most popular mods and what are the luckiest seeds in Minecraft.