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Diablo Immortal: Best Crusader Build To Use In PvE & PvP

Looking for a good Crusader build to use in Diablo Immortal? Consider your search over and as this guide will help you with it.

Crusader is one of the best classes that can be very strong in Diablo Immortal with the right build. And getting the right build can be a problem thanks to the many skills and gems to choose from. But worry not in this guide we have picked up the best primary and secondary skills & normal and legendary gems for you to use for this class. So let us quickly check the best build to use with Crusader in Diablo Immortal for PvE & PvP.

Best Crusader Build to Use in Diablo Immortal


diablo immortal crusader build guide

Here are all the skills and gems that you should use for Crusader in this game.

  • Primary Skill
    • Punish: Attack your enemy and get improved senses while dealing them damage. It also increases your block chance by 30% for the next 2 seconds.
  • Secondary Skills
    • Falling Sword: Thrust your sword into the ground on your location to deal damage to any nearby enemies. When you use this move again your character will launch itself and come down attacking the enemies at the location of the sword.
    • Holy Banner: Put a holy banner that increases the critical chance of your allies for the next 11.2 seconds.
    • Spinning Shield: Throw a spinning shield at your enemies to deal damage to them. The shield will again do damage while returning to any enemies in the path while also pulling them towards you.
    • Draw and Quarter: Use your horse to increase your movement speed by 60% for the next 5 seconds and remove all movement debuffs. This move also binds up to 8 nearby enemies and does damage while dragging them around.
  • Best Normal Gems
    • Ruby: Use it to increase your HP.
    • Tourmaline: Increase your overall damage output and improve your DPS (damage per second).
    • Sapphire: Improves your Critical hit chance and gives you increased Armor Penetration.
  • Best Legendary Gems
  • These are some of the best Legendary Gems you can use for Crusader.
    • Cutthroat’s Grin: Increases your critical hit chance when you attack your enemies from behind.
    • Unity Crystal: Whenever the party members are near each other they will take less damage.
    • Berserker’s Eye: Gives you increased damage when attacking your enemies but also increases the damage you take from them.
    • Chained Death: Boosts the damage of your AoE attacks for every target you hit.


That covers this guide on the best build to use for Crusader in Diablo Immortal for PvE & PvP. For more help with this game, you might want to check our guides on Shadows Vs Immortals factions and how to beat Lassal the flame-spun.