Clash Royale Tier List: Best Cards to Dominate the Ladder

With over 100 cards to choose from, which cards to level up in priority for winning the ladder matches in Clash Royale can get confusing. That’s where our Clash Royale Tier List of best cards comes in.

We’ve compared the win rate and pick rate of every card in the game and ranked them from best to worst, considering their synergies with other cards.

So, whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned pro, our tier list is the perfect place to start when deciding which cards to focus on leveling up.

What is the Best Card in Clash Royale (All-Time)?

The Log is the best Clash Royale card used across all the levels after Area 11. You can see it commonly across many decks in the top 100 Clash Royle players worldwide. It is a Legendary Clash Royale card unlocked in Electro Valley (Arena 11). It is a cheap spell that can damage, push back, or even kill multiple ground troops. It can also one-shot some cards, even if they are one level higher than The Log, such as the Princess, Dart Goblin, and Rascal Girls.

What is the Best Card in Clash Royale

Until you reach Arena 11, you can rely on Zap, unlocked in the Builder’s Workshop (Arena 5). Zap is another cheap spell that can damage and stun enemies, but it is less effective against groups of troops and cannot one-shot many cards.

The Log pairs well with other spells, such as Fireball and Poison. It can effectively counter Tombstones, Skeletons, Skeleton Army, Goblins, and Goblin Barrel.

The Log is not a perfect card. It cannot reset a Sparky, unlike Zap. And unlike Zap, The Log cannot affect air troops like Minions, the Minion Horde, or any other aerial troops.

Still, The Log is a very powerful card, and it is worth saving your Legendary Wild Cards or Legendary Trade Tokens for it. However, if you are stuck in a specific arena, you may need to use these Legendary resources to improve your current cards first.

Clash Royale Tier List – Best Cards to Use in CR

Before we start, note that this list includes all cards ranging from Arena 1 to 18. So you may see a few cards, which are stronger in the early game, ranked on top, which veteran players might disagree with. This tier list focuses on helping beginner to mid-level players build a strong deck that can dominate the ladder in their trophy road.

Best Cards in Clash Royale Tier List

New players should also note that the meta is constantly changing, so this tier list may not be accurate in the future. However, it should give you a good starting point. So, with that said, here are the best cards in our Clash Royale Tier List:

TiersClash Royale CardsCard Type
SS+ TierThe LogSpell
SS TierGoblin BarrelSpell
SS TierSkeleton ArmyTroop
S+ TierValkyrieTroop
S+ TierFireballSpell
S+ TierMini P.E.K.K.ATroop
S TierKnightTroop
S TierMega KnightTroop
S TierZapSpell
S TierArrowsSpell
A+ TierHog RiderTroop
A+ TierElectro WizardTroop
A+ TierWizardTroop
A+ TierMusketeerTroop
A+ TierMagic ArcherTroop
A+ TierFirecrackerTroop
A+ TierBaby DragonTroop
A+ TierWitchTroop
A+ TierBatsTroop
A TierPrincessTroop
A TierPrinceTroop
A TierP.E.K.K.ATroop
A TierInferno TowerBuilding
A TierIce SpiritTroop
A TierGoblin GangTroop
A TierCannonBuilding
A TierSkeletonsTroop
A TierTeslaBuilding
B+ TierRocketSpell
B+ TierLumberjackTroop
B+ TierBalloonTroop
B+ TierGiant SkeletonTroop
B+ TierInferno DragonTroop
B+ TierBanditTroop
B+ TierElite BarbariansTroop
B+ TierMinionsTroop
B+ TierMinerTroop
B TierTombstoneBuilding
B TierDark PrinceTroop
B TierSpear GoblinsTroop
B TierGiantTroop
B TierArchersTroop
B TierWall BreakersTroop
B TierBomberTroop
B TierDart GoblinTroop
B TierBarbarian BarrelSpell
C+ TierGoblinsTroop
C+ TierFreezeSpell
C+ TierGuardsTroop
C+ TierRageSpell
C+ TierBattle RamTroop
C+ TierTornadoSpell
C+ TierRam RiderTroop
C+ TierBarbariansTroop
C+ TierElectro SpiritTroop
C TierSparkyTroop
C TierMega MinionTroop
C TierIce WizardTroop
C TierExecutionerTroop
C TierMinion HordeTroop
C TierRoyal GiantTroop
C TierIce GolemTroop
C TierRoyal GhostTroop
C TierPoisonSpell
D+ TierMirrorSpell
D+ TierBomb TowerBuilding
D+ TierSkeleton BarrelTroop
D+ TierHunterTroop
D+ TierGolemTroop
D+ TierGoblin HutBuilding
D+ TierGoblin CageBuilding
D+ TierFire SpiritTroop
D+ TierSkeleton KingTroop
D TierGiant SnowballSpell
D TierNight WitchTroop
D TierArcher QueenTroop
D TierEarthquakeSpell
D TierLightningSpell
D TierElectro GiantTroop
D TierGolden KnightTroop
D TierX-BowBuilding
D TierSkeleton DragonsTroop
E+ TierBowlerTroop
E+ TierCloneSpell
E+ TierGraveyardSpell
E+ TierMother WitchTroop
E+ TierGoblin GiantTroop
E+ TierElectro DragonTroop
E+ TierMighty MinerTroop
E+ TierRoyal RecruitsTroop
E+ TierPhoenixTroop
E TierFurnaceBuilding
E TierElixir CollectorBuilding
E TierElixir GolemTroop
E TierFishermanTroop
E TierHeal SpiritSpell
E TierMonkTroop
E TierMortarBuilding
E TierRoyal DeliverySpell
E TierRoyal HogsTroop
F TierBattle HealerTroop
F TierCannon CartTroop
F TierFlying MachineTroop
F TierGoblin DrillBuilding
F TierLava HoundTroop
F TierRascalsTroop
F TierThree MusketeersTroop
F TierZappiesTroop
F TierBarbarian HutBuilding

Even if a card is ranked low on our tier list, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth using. If you like a card and are good at using it, go for it!

Tips for Building a Strong Deck in Clash Royale

Here are a few tips to consider while building your deck:

  • Consider the cost of your cards.
  • Experiment with different cards and find what works best for you.
  • Ensure your deck has counters to common enemy cards, such as Zap for Skeleton Army and Fireball for Minion Horde.
  • Ensure your deck has a good mix of different card types, such as at least one of each spell and buildings among your troop cards.
  • When building a deck, choosing cards that work well together is important. For example, The Log can push back enemy troops and activate the King Tower.
  • Consider the synergies between your cards. For example, you might want to pair a tank card with a support card or a win condition card with a spell that can help it reach the opponent’s towers.
  • Go through your battle log, and look for a common pattern of cards with high win rates and pick rates in your trophy level. These cards are generally the most powerful and versatile in your player bracket decks.

This Clash Royale tier list of the best cards should give you a good starting point for building a strong deck. As we said, it’s important to remember that the meta is constantly changing, so you should always experiment and find what works best for you. With a little practice, you can build a powerful and versatile deck to help you climb the Clash Royale ladder!