Best Common Room In Hogwarts Legacy – Tour All 4 Rooms

Here are the best Common Rooms in Hogwarts Legacy. Take a short tour through all of them.

Wondering which is the best Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy? Then you are at the right place as this guide will give you a tour of each of them. If you are a fan of the books or the movies, you know that each house has a common room where they can hang out and socialize with fellow house members.

While most would think that the iconic Gryffindor common room would be the best, the choice will ultimately come down to you. Since there is no stats-based selection, each choice can be different. However, since you are here, we recommend you go through this guide and take a tour of all the rooms before you decide which one is the best to choose.

Best Hogwarts Legacy Common Room

Tour All Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy

Since each common room is different, you may like one or not. While the iconic Gryffindor common room looks really good, the common rooms of Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff are equally good if not better. Since your room will be connected to the house you choose, you would want to tour them first. According to us, the best Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy belongs to Ravenclaw.

Gryffindor Common Room

The iconic red and yellow is back in Hogwarts Legacy. The Gryffindor common room will greet its fans with the same look as the Harry Potter series. Like the movies, you can enter the room by going through the door behind the Fat Lady.

Ravenclaw Common Room

Ravenclaw Common Room is filled with blue and bronze symbolizing the intelligence and wisdom of the students selected in it. It is also our choice for the best Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy. Students can enter the room through a door with a bronze Raven.

Hufflepuff Common Room

Hufflepuff stays quite close to its earthly roots with all the plants, bricks and woods in its social space. While it looks quite good and close to nature, it’s certainly not our pick of the bunch. You can enter the room through a barrel in the kitchen area.

Slytherin Common Room

While it’s not exactly iconic or warm, Slytherin Common Room comes a close second when we consider the best common room in Hogwarts Legacy. There is a different kind of comfort in the dark and cool common area of probably the most ambitious house of all in Hogwarts. You can enter through a hidden door behind a wall in the dungeons.

That’s all there is on the best common room in Hogwarts Legacy. While you are here, make sure you check out other Hogwarts Legacy guides right here at Gamer Tweak.