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Best Commanders Tier List In Rise Of Kingdoms (April 2023)

Here's a Tier List of the Best Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

Are you looking for a Tier List to know the best Commanders available in Rise of Kingdoms? If yes, then your journey has now ended. Each Commander in this game carries special abilities that make them different from one another. While some of them can prove extremely useful, a part of the unit is not that useful as well. Those who are new to this game may find it difficult to choose any one Commander to obtain. That being said, here’s a Tier List that can put an end to your sense of confusion here.

Rise of Kingdoms Best Commanders Tier List

Rise of Kingdoms Best Commanders Tier List

Here is a Tier List of the Best Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms ranked from best (S Tier) to worst (D Tier):

Commander Rarity Tier
Nevsky Legendary S Tier
Xiang Legendary S Tier
Flavius Legendary S Tier
Legendary Scipio Legendary S Tier
Nebu Legendary S Tier
Yi Seong-Gye Legendary S Tier
Yi-Sun-Sin Legendary S Tier
Zenobia Legendary S Tier
Alexander Legendary S Tier
Guan Yu Legendary S Tier
Jadwiga Legendary S Tier
Amanitore Legendary S Tier
Artemisia Legendary S Tier
Gilgamesh Legendary S Tier
Harald Legendary S Tier
Pakal Legendary S Tier
Joan Prime Legendary S Tier
Boudica Prime Legendary S Tier
Henry Legendary S Tier
Sargon Legendary S Tier
Tariq Legendary S Tier
Sun Tzu Epic S Tier
Chandragupta Legendary A Tier
William Legendary A Tier
Ramesses Legendary A Tier
Theodora Legendary A Tier
Attila Legendary A Tier
Wu-Zetian Legendary A Tier
Cyrus Legendary A Tier
Mulan Legendary A Tier
Tomyris Legendary A Tier
Saladin Legendary A Tier
Leonidas Legendary A Tier
Honda Legendary A Tier
Mehmed Legendary A Tier
Aethelflaed Legendary A Tier
Trajan Legendary A Tier
Richard Legendary A Tier
Takeda Legendary A Tier
Martel Legendary A Tier
Cheok Legendary A Tier
Bertrand Legendary A Tier
Joan of Arc Epic A Tier
Suleiman Legendary B Tier
Constantine Legendary B Tier
Edward Legendary B Tier
Moctezuma Legendary B Tier
G. Khan Legendary B Tier
Lu Bu Legendary B Tier
El Cid Legendary B Tier
Ragnar Legendary B Tier
Minamoto Legendary B Tier
Julius-Ceasar Legendary B Tier
Barca Legendary B Tier
Fredrick Legendary B Tier
Cao Cao Legendary B Tier
Pelagius Epic B Tier
Hermann Epic B Tier
Kusonoki Epic B Tier
Baibars Epic B Tier
Charlemagne Legendary C Tier
Jan Zizka Legendary C Tier
Boudica Epic C Tier
Belisarius Epic C Tier
Osman Epic C Tier
Keira Epic C Tier
Scipio Epic D Tier
Lohar Epic D Tier

The above Rise of Kingdoms Tier List ranks commanders according to their Overall Rating. Moreover, these rankings are fine according to use. There are chances that you may feel that this Tier List is biased. Hence, in such cases, you can go on and experiment to find your perfect combination.

That covers everything on the Best Commanders Tier List in Rise of Kingdoms. While you are here, make sure to check out our other guide on Best Civilization in ROK.