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WWE 2K20 – Which Is The Best Class

Cruiser vs. Striker vs. Specialist vs. Powerhouse vs. Giant

WWE 2K20 brings fjve classes into the ring, while creating a player at the very beginning of the game you have to pick one from Cruiser, Striker, Specialist, Powerhouse and Giant. If you are new to the game and doesn’t know which is the best class in WWE 2K20, then here I will guide you to each class attributes, their starting payback abilities that are unlocked by default and their specialty. Choosing the right class in WWE 2K20 is important because it will define where your player stands the strongest. It will also affect the overall playstyle, because you will be continuing with that class till the end of the campaign.

Choosing the best class in WWE 2K20 will also help you to win a lot of matches in multiplayer, all you need is to learn the controls, signature move, be quick to hit the reversal and understand the strongest attributes of your wrestler.


Best Class In WWE 2K20

Among the five classes Cruiser, Striker, Specialist, Powerhouse and Giant you will definitely love the Powerhouse class. Why because, this class is best for powerful strikes and grapples. It is an ideal class for those player who wants to play offensive and knows their move very well. If you are pro in controlling your wrestler then Powerhouse will give you everything you need. Also to know more about other classes read below. Level 1 and Level 2 payback abilities are unlock by default.

1. Cruiser Class Tips:


Cruiser means speed, this class brings attributes of swiftness and agility. Wrestlers in this category will have a slim body type and focuses a lot on movements. Cruiser Class comes with two fighting styles Luchador and Mercenary.

Starting Payback Abilities:

  1. Speed Buff: More Become Speed, Agility, Speed, Stamina Regen Rate and Reversal.
  2.  Beast Mode: Enhances Grapple Speed and Damage while Active. Turn into a beast.


2. Striker Class Tips:

Love to punch and kick, then pick the Striker class. Ideal for players who use a lot of fist and legs, the class focus on destroying limbs more. Striker is an decent class for players who enjoy to obliterate players with their skills. It comes with two styles Strong Style and Brawler.

Starting Payback Abilities:


  1. Fist of Fury: Increases your striking power attributes. It also offers you a little speed boost and improve striking reversals.
  2.  Charged Fury: Destroy an opponent in single punch, you can deal very high damage when this ability is active. The longer the strike is charged the more damage it will cause.

3. Specialist Class Tips:

Best class for those who are looking for abilities from every class. A Specialist wrestler is an all rounder who can execute complex holds, and smoothly perform aerial attacks. There are two play styles under this class, Technician and Submission Artist.

Starting Payback Abilities:

  1. Reversal: Earn a Reversal.
  2. Electrifying: Use this ability to earn yourself a lot of momentum with very little effort.

4. Powerhouse Class Tips:

Powerhouse can be considered as the strongest class in WWE, it brings a lot of strength in strikes and adds bone crushing grapples. The class with good payback abilities is unstoppable, brings highly powerful wrestlers in the arena. There are two styles under Powerhouse class Gladiator and Hero.

Starting Payback Abilities:

  1. Instant Recovery: Minor speed buff as well ability to recover instantly.
  2. Fortify: Summon a steal shell that makes you nearly invincible while increasing your weight and damage.

5. Giant Class Tips:

Giant are the full size wrestler with tremendous power and grip. They are strong but they are slow, this class has a high tolerance to damage. There are two styles under this class Bruiser and Enforcer.

Starting Payback Abilities:

  1. Auto-Reversal: Activate to automatically reverse the next attack against you. It does not work on major reversals, signature or finishers attacks. Does not consume a Reversal stock.
  2. Rush: Trigger an unstoppable charge attack! Each successful hit takes a finisher from your target.

Why choosing Fighting Style matters in WWE 2K20?

Fighting Style in WWE 2K20 comes with its own attributes strength and weakness. You can also unlock some exclusive skills. For example in Powerhouse you have option to pick from two Gladiator or Hero. Gladiator specializes in Grapple Speed, Grapple Reversal and Damage Recovery. Hero specializes in Strike Speed, Strike Reversal and Reversal Offense.

So picking a style will have a overall impact on the playstyle of WWE 2K20, with proper attributes you will be able to use your skills and moves a lot more effectively.