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Best Characters To Defeat Oceanid In Genshin Impact

Here's our guide featuring the best characters to defeat Oceanid in Genshin Impact.

While there’s a wide range of bosses and mini-bosses in Genshin Impact, Oceanid is a unique boss. Why? Because it can summon over eight different types of mimics in the form of different creatures. These creatures include Frogs, Ferrets, Cranes, and more. As it is immune to Hydro attacks, all of these creatures are resistant and immune to hydro attacks as well. So, which characters should you choose to beat Oceanid? Here’s our guide on the best characters to defeat the Oceanid in Genshin Impact.

Best Characters to Defeat Oceanid in Genshin Impact


In addition to the Hydro characters, Oceanid is also ineffective against Anemo and Dendro elemental type. But they are weak against the Cryo, Pyro, and Electro elemental characters. So, here are the characters that are best fitted to defeat Oceanid:

Lisa Minci

With her ability to freeze nearby opponents, Lisa can freeze and use electro attacks continuously upon the Oceanid. Her elemental Skill, Violet Arc can apply a stack of Electro conductive status on him. If you use Kaeya with her, their combo can defeat Oceanid in no time. Make sure to use Lisa’s stacking attacks and Kaeya’s freezing attacks to destroy Oceanid.



Also known as Smoky Scarlet, Yanfei is a Pyro elemental character that can defeat Oceanid. Her elemental skills and burst can do great damage. Although her pyro attacks are effective, you might need a healer or a shield character like Noelle and Diona.



As she can use bows, this Cryo elemental character can use long-ranged attacks against all the flying mimics of Oceanid. Her elemental skills and bursts are not only effective but also increase their critical rate from the second hit. She also can freeze and melt her opponents. With a great DPS build for Ganyu, she can defeat any mimics of Oceanid easily due to her Cryo element.


Keqing might be the best Electro-type character out of all against Oceanid. She is one of the strongest characters and has an extremely high DPS. In addition to that, she is the fastest and great with crowd control. Due to these factors, she can battle with different mimics of Oceanid with ease.


Kujou Sara and Fischl

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Both of these characters are Electro elemental characters with immense strong elemental skills. As Kujou Sara is proficient with bows, she can deal with long-ranged attacks. While Fischl’s elemental skill can summon an Oz, a night raven that can attack the nearby opponents simultaneously. Their combo balances out long and close-ranged attacks which can be a lethal threat to Oceanid.

That’s everything to know on the best characters to defeat Oceanid in Genshin Impact. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on the best DPS characters and best team comps in Genshin Impact right here on Gamer Tweak.