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Genshin Impact: Best DPS Characters To Use

Here is a list of the Best DPS Characters that you should be using in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game where you play as a Traveller in the world of Tevyet and along the way you meet other characters along the way and welcome them into your party. Now each of these Characters can aid the player in either providing DPS, Support, or Support DPS. A team is incomplete when any of them are missing. The DPS of a Team is a Character that can dish out a ton of damage relatively quickly. In this guide, I will show you the Best DPS Characters in Genshin Impact.

Best DPS Characters in Genshin Impact


best dps characters genshin impact

Here are some of the best DPS Characters you can use given the right equipment.



Mao Xiangling is a Head Chef at the Wanmin Restaurant and runs it alongside her father. Other than scrumptious, she can also cook up some mean damage by incinerating her enemies with her Fire vision. She is a 4 Star DPS Character in Genshin Impact. This means you will be able to get her pretty quickly and use her max potential. She was considered as a no pick initially but pair her up with a pyro battery and you will be able to rain down hell on your enemies.


Kaeya Alberich is the Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius. His vision is Cryo and for a long time, he was considered a bad pick. But as of recent changes to the game and with the introduction of Blizzard Strayer Artifact Set has made a must pick if you don’t already have better DPS. He is strong, and with a little practice, he can become your Main Cryo DPS. He is also a 4 Star DPS Character in Genshin Impact. You will also be able to achieve a ton of Crit damage if used with a Cryo Team.



Beidou is the captain of The Crux, a renowned crew in Liyue. Her Electro vision and her abilities make her a very strong character. Why you ask, well it’s because of her counter mechanic. Beidou cannot only deal damage but is also capable of defending said damage. You will be able to return the damage dealt with you by your enemy but even stronger. Characters like Fischl can help her out tremendously. For Artifacts, run the Emblem Of Sever Fade to give her more power. Yet again this is another 4 Star DPS Character in Genshin Impact which best for F2P players.



Ningguang is the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing and she owns the floating Jade Chamber in Liyue’s skies. Her vision is of Geo and with her movesets, paired with the right gear, can dish out over 10k damage very easily. The artifact set you should use for her is the Archaic Petra set. Pair her up with a Geo Character like Zhongli and she will collapse the ground under her enemies. She is a 4 Star character with the potential of being better than a 5 Star Character.

Raiden – One of the Best DPS Characters in Genshin Impact

The Raiden Shogun is the vessel of Beelzebul & is the current Electro Archon of Inazuma. She is by far the best Electro Character in Genshin Impact and rightfully so. She is the only 5 Star Character on this list as she is too good to not mention. Given the right team and Artifacts, she will be able to dish out over 16K of damage per hit. You should run the Emblem Of Sever Fade as it will heavily boost her burst damage.

These were the best DPS Characters in Genshin Impact that you should be using. You should get these characters leveled up as quickly as possible as their benefits become more evident. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like Best Team Comps in Genshin Impact.