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Gunfire Reborn Best Character For Solo, Nightmare & Reincarnation

Here are all the heroes that you should use in Gunfire Reborn.

If you plan on playing Gunfire Reborn solo you should know the best character for it, & also for Nightmare and Reincarnation. The game has a total of 6 characters but not all of them are equally powerful. While the choices are limited some just stand above the others in terms of raw power. So without any delay let us check the best character in Gunfire Reborn to use solo, and also check them for nightmare & reincarnation difficulties.

Best Character in Gunfire Reborn For Solo, Nightmare & Reincarnation

best characters for solo nightmare and reincarnation in gunfire reborn

The best character in this game for Solo play is Crown Prince. Not only is this Tiger the first hero in the game. But also the one you get for free. We will check why he is the best solo character in a bit, first let us check the other two heroes.

Tao is the best hero for Nightmare mode, and Lei Luo is recommended for Reincarnation. Here is why the three of them are on this list.

Best Character for Solo

crown prince

Crown Prince is the best solo character because he is balanced and also lets you get used to the game. He has the following stats:

  • Health: 65-90
  • Shields: 65-110
  • Speed: 5

As you can see, he has a pretty decent health pool and quite a large shield. His abilities include:

  • Energy Orb (Primary Ability): Shoots a big orb that explodes on impact with a barrier or some enemy. This ability does 400 damage to the enemy and freezes them for 2 seconds.
  • Smoke Grenade (Secondary Ability): This ability allows you to throw a smoke grenade that inflicts decay on the enemy. It also does corrosion damage 4 times after exploding for the next 3 seconds.

If you look at the other Talents and Ascensions for Crown Prince you will find he is mostly balanced. Thus he is recommended for solo.

Best Character for Nightmare

tao best hero for nightmare

Nightmare is the second-highest difficulty of the game. So naturally, the hero recommended for this mode is the character with the most consistent high damage. Her stats are:

  • Health: 50-75
  • Shields: 80-105
  • Speed: 5.2

She may not have the most health but her shield is definitely large. But that is not all to her, her abilities are also quite powerful:

  • Swords Out (Primary Ability): This ability allows you to launch up to 18 swords at your enemy each that deals 200 damage. These swords are determined by the Blade hearts you have stacked.
  • Fatal Bloom (Secondary Ability): This move spawns petals at your target that explode outwards. This ability does 400 damage and marks enemies up to 6m in range. The best part is you can hit the marked enemy 12 times to again damage them with it.

Thus having the above abilities makes Tao one of the strongest characters in the game.

Best Character for Reincarnation

lei luo

Lei Luo is the best character for Reincarnation no matter if you play solo or with friends. He has the following stats:

  • Health: 50-75
  • Shields: 60-85
  • Speed: 6

You might be wondering if he doesn’t have the most health and shield then why is he recommended for the hardest mode of the game? Well, the answer lies in his abilities.

  • Fatal Current (Primary Ability): This ability grants you 30% additional movement speed and 50% additional skill DMG for the next 5 seconds. But things get real as the first shot that hits the enemy does 100% extra damage and summons a lightning bolt that does 800 lightning damage.
  • Chain Lightning (Secondary Ability): Shoot a lightning bolt that does 600 lightning damage. The bolt can also bounce on two other enemies.

While it may take some practice, Lei Luo is definitely a very strong character when you use it correctly.

That covers this list of the best Gunfire Reborn character for Solo, Nightmare, & Reincarnation. Since you like playing this game you might enjoy our Weapons Tier List for this game.