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Gunfire Reborn Weapons Tier List 2021

Here is a Weapons Tier List in Gunfire Reborn 2021.

Looking for a Tier list of the best Weapons to use in Gunfire Reborn? Look no further as you have come to the right place. I have made this Tier List so that you don’t have to search through hundreds of articles. I have ranked every Weapon based on its stats, elemental effect, and other such factors. They will be Ranked from S Tier to F Tier, S being the best of the best and F being the worst Weapons to use at the moment.

Gunfire Reborn Weapons Tier List 2021


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Below is the list of Weapons sorted into their Tiers from S to F tiers.

Tier Element Type Gun Name Gun Type
S Any Angelic Aura Submachine Gun
S Any Deafening Mortar Launcher
S Fire Demonlore Submachine Gun
S Any Illusion Shotgun
S Lightning Pupil Shotgun
A Fire Crimson Firescale Rifle
A Any Icy Spear Pistol
A Any Scalpel Submachine Gun
A Any Shrieker Launcher
A Any Sunder Pistol
B Any Cavalry Rifle
B Any Double Caliber Sniper
B Corrosion Dual Fang Submachine Gun
B Fire Fire Dragon Injector
B Fire Fire Tower Melee
B Fire Justice Launcher
B Fire Laser Gloves Injector
B Fire Scorching Rounds Pistol
B Any Strike Wing Sniper
B Any Talisman Pistol
B Lightning Thunderclap Gloves Injector
B Any Tiger Cannon Launcher
B Any Wild Hunt Shotgun
B Any Woodpecker Sniper
C Any  Concealed Ammo Submachine Gun
C Any Argus Shotgun
C Corrosion Aura of Venom Pistol
C Fire Glimmering Pistol
C Any Golden Bow Sniper
C Fire Piercing Flame Sniper
C Corrosion Porcupine Shotgun
C Corrosion Prism Pistol
C Any Rainbow Arch Rifle
D Any Big Hippo Rifle
D Any Bone Dragon Launcher
D Any Dragonchaser Rifle
D Any Foundry Pistol
D Any Hell Shotgun
D Corrosion Poisonous Ghost Melee
D Any Rainbow Injector
D Lightning Thunder Storm Pistol
F Any Bloody Drill Sniper
F Lightning Flowing Light Melee
F Any Frenzied Shark Launcher
F Any Goshawk Sniper
F Lightning Lightning Blast Rifle
F Lightning Star Devourer Submachine Gun
F Corrosion Sting Sniper

As you can see, the S & A Tiers in the tier list are the best Weapons you should be using. As we go down the tiers, the Weapons are not as viable but still can be played well if not better than the S Tier Weapons in certain situations. This was the Tier List of the Weapons in Gunfire Reborn. Hopefully, this guide helped you in choosing the best weapon in Gunfire Reborn. For more Tier Lists, check out our category on Gamer Tweak.