Final Fantasy 16 Best Clive Build (Abilities Guide)

Not sure what your build should be with Clive in FFXVI? Here we have his best abilities listed below.

While there are plenty of abilities for you to choose from, only a certain can make the best build for Clive in FF16. The build you use will have a major impact on your playstyle. And so it is important to try out the different skills to see what works best for you. Below is a build that should be useful to most players. And before you check it out there are minor spoilers ahead in their names and mentions of some Eikons. Now, that you have been warned, let’s dive into it.

Best Clive Build & Abilities in FF16

FF16 Best Clive Build & Abilities

Since you can only equip three Eikons in total and two Eikon abilities at a time for them. Your build will consist of 6 abilities. And if you don’t have all the abilities available just yet, then don’t worry they will unlock as you progress through the story. But by the end, you should give this build a try.

  • Pheonix
    • Rising Flame: This ability has 3-star damage and 2-star stagger. This ability is good to launch enemies in the air. It even has a relatively shorter cooldown and does fairly good damage.
    • Flames of Rebirth: This ability has 3-star damage and 3-star stagger. You should definitely get this ability because it is excellent to deal with hordes of enemies thanks to its AoE damage.
  • Titan
    • Titanic Block: This ability is unique and what makes it special is that it’s the only ability that allows you to block in this game. And this is no small feat because it lets you block most enemy attacks. Even some powerful boss abilities.
    • Upheaval: The damage and stagger Upheaval offers are both 3 stars. It is a simple but effective move that you can pair up with Rising Flame. It works by slamming a fist to the ground which is not only useful against single enemies. But also is effective against all the enemies in the range. You can even hold the button to increase its range. And that’s where the Rising flame comes in. Launch your enemy in the air and hit a charged Upheaval.
  • Bahamut
    • Impulse: This ability has 2-star damage and 3-star stagger. Using this skill you summon several light spheres that deal continuous damage to the enemy struck by it and bind them to the spot.
    • Gigaflare: Finally we have the ability to deal massive damage to the enemies. It has 5-star damage and a 2-star stagger rating. You fire a large beam of light that chips away enemy health. This ability looks similar to Goku firing a Kamehameha wave. Just be sure to use it after you stagger your enemy to get a staggered multiplier bonus’ benefit.

That covers this best build to use with Clive in FF16. For more things on this game be sure to check out our Final Fantasy 16 section.