Best Brotato Builds 2023

Want to play with the best builds? Check out our guide to find out the best builds in Brotato.

If you are looking for the best Brotato builds, you might want to increase damage output or your chances of survival. While playing as a Potato, you must take down hordes of aliens as you survive in this top-down arena shooter roguelite. Since the aliens can easily overpower your character, you need the right build for more survivability. But for that, you must equip the best weapons and items for your OP builds. So, check out our guide to find out the best builds for this game.

Best Builds in Brotato

best brotato builds

Here are our recommended best builds in Brotato:

Knight Sword

  • Weapons: Sword x6
  • Early Game Items: Metal Plate, Medal, Leather Vest, Helmet, Coffee, Mastery
  • Early Game Stats: Max HP, Armor, Luck
  • Endgame Items: Alien Baby, Robot Arm, Warrior Helmet, Exoskeleton, Cape, Retromation’s Hoodie
  • Endgame Stats: Max HP, Armor, Dodge

Speedy Shuriken

  • Weapons: Shuriken x6
  • Early Game Items: Claw Tree, Defective Steriods, Head Injury, Sunglasses, Hedgehog
  • Early Game Stats: Attack Speed, Crit Chance, Speed
  • Endgame Items: Wings, Power Generator, Fin, Jet Pack, Hunting Trophy
  • Endgame Stats: Damage, Speed, Armor

Renegade Gun

  • Weapons: Laser Gun x6
  • Early Game Items: Coffee, Hedgehog, Lens, Mutation, Scope, Gentle Alien
  • Early Game Stats: Attack Speed, Max HP, Ranged Damage
  • Endgame Items: Lens, Mutation, Alloy, Baby with a Beard, Ricochet
  • Endgame Stats: Attack Speed, Max HP, Armor

Ghost Axe

  • Weapons: Ghost Axe x6
  • Early Game Items: Gambling Token, Riposte, Coffee, Gentle Alien, Little Muscley, Acid
  • Early Game Stats: Max HP, Melee Damage, Armor
  • Endgame Items: Acid, Alien Baby, Alien Magic, Cape, Retromation’s Hoodie, Adrenaline
  • Endgame Stats: Max HP, Speed, Melee Damage

Lucky Slingshot

  • Weapons: Slingshot x6
  • Early Game Items: Lost Duck, Shady Potion, Vigilante Ring, Propeller Hat, Baby Elephant, Cyberball
  • Early Game Stats: Attack Speed, Dodge, Luck
  • Endgame Items: Ricochet, Panda, Exoskeleton, Baby with a Beard, Lucky Charm, Mastery
  • Endgame Stats: Luck, Damage, Ranged Damage

However, if none of the above builds worked out for you, head to the MetaBrotato tier list created by u/pankerthepunk on Reddit. Over here, find out the best builds depending on all the difficulty modes. These include the Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty modes allowing you to master the game easily.

What is the Best Brotato Build?

brotato builds

In terms of stats and more damage output, the Knight Sword is the best build. For this build, you must equip the Sword weapon and focus on upgrading it to the maximum. If you are a beginner, equipping early game items like Metal Plate, Leather Vest, and Helmet offers you Armor that you can prioritize for defense. While equipping Mastery can increase your Ranged and Melee damage output. But if you are in the late game or endgame, equipping Exoskeleton can help you by increasing several stats. These stats include +5 Armor and Engineering, +5% Crit chance and Speed at the cost of -2 HP regeneration, and -2% Life Steal. But for those looking for more speed to survive longer, Speedy Shuriken is also a great build to get started with.

Similarly, you must equip and upgrade the Shuriken weapon to the maximum. This Early build revolves around increasing the Melee damage with items like Claw Tree, Defective Steriods, and Hedgehog. You can also equip Sunglasses for a +10% Crit chance. But for the players looking for a late-game build, this build revolves around increasing the Speed and Attack speed. As you equip the Jetpack and Power Generator, these items offer increased Attack Speed. While items Fin and Wings offer you +10 Speed for equipping each.

Since it all depends on your playstyle and experience, you can experiment with more builds by trying out various weapons. If you are confused about equipping the weapons, check out our best Brotato weapons tier list for more insight.

That’s all about the best Brotato builds. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides for the best Brotato Mods to try out, how to install Mods, and explore more Video Gaming Guides for other games right here on Gamer Tweak.