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Best Boot Enchantments Minecraft

Here's a list of the best boot enchantments in the game.

Minecraft 1.16 gave players the chance to try on the new Netherite armor and along with it came all new enchantments. While armor is good for basic protection against most hostiles, enchantments provide magical perks to individual armor pieces. Let’s take a look at the best boot enchantments in Minecraft.

Best Boot Enchantments in Minecraft

Minecraft best boot enchantments

Mending I

This enchantment repairs your boots with the help of experience orbs you collect through the game. Use Unbreaking III in combination to make your boots bulletproof. This can be found by fishing, raid drops, jungle temples, and trading.

Protection IV

As the name suggests, Protection IV acts as an overall defense against almost all kinds of damage. This can be used on all armor types and a maximum of 64% damage reduction is achievable once all pieces are enchanted.

Feather Falling IV

This enchantment reduces any type of fall damage the player takes with Feather Falling IV reducing damage by 48%. This is a vital enchantment for players who love exploring the open world and need that extra bit of protection.

Frost Walker II

This enchantment allows you to walk on water by creating ice blocks while you are on the move. These are great for traversing across large lakes and rivers with ease and swiftness. As a bonus, you don’t take any damage from campfires and magma blocks.

Thorns III

This enchantment deals damage to attackers when they attack the player. Thorns enchantment can deal 1½ to 4 hearts of damage depending on the player’s level. This can be obtained by fishing, trading with a villager, or as loot.

Depth Strider III

This enchantment increases the player’s speed underwater. The basic version reduces the push of the water on the player with Depth Strider III allowing them to swim as fast as walking on land.

These are the best boot enchantments in Minecraft. Check out other guides on How to Duplicate Items and other Minecraft-related topics on Gamer Tweak.