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Best Boat Defense Decks In Clash Royale

Here are the best decks to use for your Boat Defense in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale has seen many changes to its Clan Wars feature. In its current form, 5 Clans must battle against each other to reach the end of the river in their Clan Boats. During the War, you will be able to attack your opponents’ Boats and vice-versa. You will need to put in the best possible defense in your Boat so that you will be able to defend your Clan Boat. In today’s guide, I will show you the best Boat Defense in Clash Royale that you should be using in your Clan Boat.

Best Boat Defense Decks in Clash Royale


boat defense decks

Now before we get to the best Boat Defense you can add to your Clan Boat, we must first understand how the Boat Defense works in Clash Royale. On the Defense side, 3 towers deal fast but low damage. They have a pretty decent range so you can’t waste time when you are on the attack. These towers will spawn troops after they are damaged. The AI will randomly spawn troops as and when it gets damaged. But there is something off about it. The Boat Defense in Clash Royale doesn’t seem to have an Elixir Bar.

This means it will spam troops as and when it feels like and is not bound by the rules of Elixir. This is where the best Boat Defense comes into play. Your best defense is to put all of your Heavy Cards in the 3 towers. The A.I. does not care about Elixir so put in all of your Heavy Cards. Here is how I have made my Boat Defense in the Clan Boat:


  • Tower 1:
    • PEKKA
    • Electro Giant
    • Mega Knight
    • Sparky
  • Tower 2:
    • Three Musketeers
    • Giant Skeleton
    • Elite Barbarians
    • Royal Recruits
  • Tower 3:
    • Wizard
    • Princess
    • Goblin Giant
    • Golem

This is an impenetrable Boat Defense. As a tip, don’t use Spells as they may be ineffective. Use this and you will never lose in any Defense in your Clash Royale. This was about the best Boat Defense in Clash Royale. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our other guides like Best Skeleton King Decks & Best Golden Knight Decks in Clash Royale.