Best Black Pearl Cookie Toppings Build In CRK

Choose the right toppings for the Black Pearl Cookie to unleash it's real potential in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Many players are looking for the best Black Pearl toppings build in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK). That’s because, this cookie is well known for its Duskgloom’s Sovereign skill, where it creates a Whirlpool to deal heavy damage to the enemies. The Whirlpool not only drags the normal enemies to the abyss but also those who are resistant to interruptions.

Moreover, players don’t need to be worried about the Black Pearl cookie turning her back from its current position, as she is resistant to all Fear attacks. As it is already a powerful cookie, adding the right toppings will surely allow to you unleash its real potential. So below are some Black Pearl toppings build recommendations that you can go with in CRK.

Best Toppings Build for Black Pearl Cookie in CRK

Best Black Pearl Toppings In Cookie Run Kingdom topping builds to reduce cooldown time

Here are all the best toppings build for Black Pearl Cookie in CRK. We have suggested different builds so you can choose the ones suiting your playstyle & strategy.

  • 5x Swift Chocolate – To decrease the 15 seconds skill cooldown
  • 5x Searing Raspberry – To buff up the Attack stat
  • 5x Solid Almond – To get more DMG resistance
  • 3x Searing Raspberry + 2x Solid Almond – To get ATK buff and DMG resistance.

According to us, the Swift Chocolate will be the perfect match for the Black Pearl cookie. That’s because the Duskgloom’s Sovereign Skill does a good amount of damage to the enemies. So if you are going to rely on this Legendary ambush cookie skill, then you must focus on reducing the cooldown.

If that’s not what you’re aiming for, then Searing Raspberry is the second best option you should go with. As Black Pearl will be strengthening the team from the middle, this topping will give the Cookie’s skill an exceptional attack buff. On the other hand, if you want the Black Pearl cookie to survive longer, then don’t hesitate to choose the Solid Almond. Players can even try out mixing up these toppings to get a better yet balanced outcome. Such as 3x Searing Raspberry + 2x Solid Almond.

That covers all about the best Toppings to use for Black Pearl in CRK. If you’re running low on Crystals, then check out the Redeem codes to get free rewards. And for more such Toppings build check our other Cookie Run Kingdom guides.