Best Beat Saber Mods (2023)

Here's a list of the best mods available for Beat Saber.

Beat Saber is one of the best VR games of all time. How cool is unleashing and hitting Sabers on a set rhythm as you dodge hurdles coming your way? Very cool!  Although Beat Saber doesn’t involve much physical toll, it gets you hooked into the game with music. While the developers of the game are trying to get more and more music in the game, it is a slow process. With mods, you can customize the entire game according to your suitable needs. And, those who don’t know how to mod can always download different mods. So without further ado, here’s our list featuring the best mods for Beat Saber.

Best Mods for Beat Saber

Before getting on the best mods, let’s look at the pre-requisites. To install any of the mods you need to create an account on Beat Saber. Then, you can install the mods by downloading the mods into the directory of Beat saber files. Certain mods require downloading other mods, so you have to download them separately. But with the mod assistant, you have all the mods in one. It has all the mods available for the current version of Beat Saber. You can download Mod Assistant by creating an account on GitHub. Let’s look at all the best mods available for Beat Saber.

BeatSaver Downloader

As the name already suggests, Beat Saver Downloader downloads custom songs in the Beat Saber. It allows you to search and download several custom songs directly on Beat Saber. Here’s how:

  • You can access these songs by going to the left of the game with a section for Mods.
  • Then, click on custom songs to search and browse different songs.
  • And download it by clicking on the download icon.
  • You can also search for your favorite songs or lookout for songs that are trending during the week.

Model Downloader for Beat Saber

This custom mod allows you to download add several customizations to your existing sabers, avatars, and the platform you stand on. It also adds the note blocks in Beat Saber. Model Downloader notifies you about the mods you have installed and the mods you need to install before installing a mod.

model downloader best saber
Image Source – @VrBobbie on Twitter

Score Saber

Score Saber is a perfect mod for competitive players who look out for the scoreboard in any game. With this mod, you can level up your game and compete against players all around the globe. You can upload your score and view other top scorers on the leaderboard.

score saber beat saber

Yur Fit

For some players, Beat Saber is not a game but a workout session. Yur Fit gives you a statistic and records the calories you have burnt in one session. It also gives you a stat and graphs for the overall calories you have burnt. Although it is not completely accurate, it is pretty cool for fitness enthusiasts to check on their daily progress. You will have to create an account on Yur Fit to access this mod.

yur fit
Image Source – VR Reviews on YouTube.

Mapping Extensions

Are you tired of hitting the beat while walking in a single lane? Mapping Extensions is a mod that changes the entire map you are playing on. The map modifies your lanes and replaces them with artistic lanes. One of the custom maps allows you to play on a six-lane in Beat Saber. You can even play on 100 lanes with a custom map available on BeatSaver.

beat saber mapping extensions mod
Image Source – BrickBrik on YouTube

Noodles Extension

This is yet another mod that allows you to tweak with your maps on Beat Saber. Noodles Extension allows you to modify everything in a map including the flying blocks. You can tweak your map and tweak it for a suitable aesthetic or an artistic environment. You need to head over to the GitHub page that has a documented map named demo.js that contains everything related to making maps from Noodles Extension. Open the file in Visual Studio to make your changes to the map. If you use Noodles Extension and Mapping Extensions altogether, it will result in some issues on custom maps.


Chroma is the best mod to go together with Noodles Extension. It adds a cool ambiance to the environment with colorful and flashing lights around the map. Some custom maps require Chroma to be installed. So, it will be convenient to have it installed. Some of the Beat Saber players install and use both mods to tweak with their custom maps. One example is this player who used Chroma along with Noodles Extension to create a custom map. And the results look pretty amazing to me.

chroma and noodles extension
Image Source – Arron on YouTube.

OBS Control

This is a mod for all the players who like to record their gameplay alongside the audio. As you start the game, you can record your intense BeatSaber session automatically with OBS control. It is an add-on mod that connects with your OBS in Beat Saber. OBS control or Zingabopp records as well as download the recorded gameplay on your device.


It is a mod that allows you to scribble wherever and whenever you are not running in Beat Saber. You can either scribble words or make shapes and characters with your saber. You can go for several options from the size and type of the brush to its color. There’s also an eraser option to erase what you have scribbled. You can also save these scribbled items and load them in the future.

scribble best beat saber mods
Image Source- Toni Macaroni on YouTube.

Saber Factory

Saber Factory is a mod that allows you to make custom Sabers. You can also add special effects to the Saber. While you can make custom sabers, you can also download different models of Sabers by going to the Saber Factory. With this mod, you can wield giant hammers, energy swords from Destiny, Minecraft-styled swords, and several other amazing sabers.

Once BeatSaber receives an update, most of the mods will stop working. So lookout for the updates by heading over to GitHub or downloading Mod Assistant.

That’s all on the best mods available for Beat Saber. If you liked this article, you can also check out how to get good at Beat Saber right here on Gamer Tweak.

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