Best Battle Royale Games You Must Play (2023)

Here's our list of the best Battle Royale game to play in 2023.

Battle Royale Games is a genre of games where you are dropped from a high place onto a map along with many players. Your goal is to equip better gear and take as many enemies down and survive to be the last man standing. Well, this was how it was for a very long time. It’s 2023 and Battle Royale Games come in many forms, some realistic while some childish and fun. We know the big names of Battle Royale like Call of Duty: Warzone, PUBG, Fortnite, etc are the best. These games have changed and shaped the genre. Other than the staples, here are the best Battle Royale games in 2023.

Best Battle Royale Games 2023

Check out these Battle Royale Games that do things differently than the big names.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds – A Battle Royale Game

totally accurate battlegrounds battle royale game

Starting, we have Totally Accurate Battlegrounds. This game was developed by the same guys as Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and brings the best of both worlds. The Janky Ragdoll Physics combined with the Low-Poly aesthetic brings a fresh look into the Battle Royale Genre. It plays out like many Battle Royales, gets dropped onto a map, suits up, and be the last man standing. The differentiating factor here is the Physics Engines. You may be an Aim god in most FPS games but Totally Accurate Battlegrounds will test you with its exaggerated movement & weapons. This game may not be as realistic as say PUBG but it is a load of fun.

Hunt: Showdown

hunt showdown battle royale game

Up next we have Hunt: Showdown. Battle Royale Games tend to be a pure PvP experience. But Hunt: Showdown changes that with its heavy PvE elements to that experience. In Hunt: Showdown, you play as Bounty Hunters and you hunt down one of the 4 Bosses the game has to offer. You can team up with others to find & kill these Bosses. Once you have defeated a Boss, you be granted a Bounty and must carefully get it to an Extraction Point. Careful as other Players can and will go after you for the Bounty. If you can get to Extraction Point, you win and if you don’t, well you lose.



Spellbreak is the next contender on this list. This Battle Royale Game takes place in a Fantasy World where instead of Weapons like Firearms, you use Spells. Each Player in-game must choose one of 6 Elements beforehand, the Elements being Fire, Wind, Earth, Ice, Lightning, and Toxic. Depending on which one you choose, you will be granted the ability to use Elemental Spells as your Primary weapon in the form of a Gauntlet. As you defeat other enemies, you gain their Gauntlets and will be able to dual-wield 2 Elements. Fight other players and prove that you are the Best Battlemage in all of the Lands.

Tetris 99 – A Battle Royale Game

tetris 99

Ever wanted to play the nostalgic 8-bit Arcade game of Tetris but wanted to compete with other players? Well, now you can in the form of Tetris 99. Nintendo, along with Arika has created a 99 player Battle Royale from Tetris. Play and survive this grueling game as each player can disrupt other players’ game at random whenever they complete a line. Make sure you keep your aisles and lanes neat and clear or may suffer the embarrassing 8-bit loss. As of now, Tetris 99 is exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Maybe in the future, the game will open up to more Platforms.

Apex Legends

apex legends battle royale

Apex Legends is another big title. I know I said earlier that there wouldn’t be any of the big names in this list but Apex Legends had to be here. The Firearms are a major component in the game but the characters you play as, The Legends, are what makes the game different from the rest. Each Legend has unique Abilities that can turn the tide of a battle. Another thing to note, Apex Legends has a very refined Ping System which allows players to communicate without saying a single word. Couple that with the insane movement the game has to offer and you can see why this Battle Royale has made it to the list.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

fall guys ultimate knockout battle royale game

Fall Guys is a pretty famous game in 2020 for its fun and wacky playstyle and art style. This game has taken the Battle Royale Genre and made something very unique. In Fall Guys, you play as one of 60 0r more cute and wacky Beans and try to clear levels of Obstacle Courses. Each Level will have a different obstacle course and the ones who can clear them will move on to the Next Level. This continues till there is only one Player left. Unlike other Battle Royale Games, there is no killing and looting other players. Rather you work with or against other players to try and clear the obstacle courses. The Look & Feel of Fall Guys is very bright and aesthetic which will appeal to many players who are looking for a different game.

These were some of the Best Battle Royale Games that do not follow the standard formula of the Genre. They made something of their own from the existing Big Names. There are many Battle Royales like the games I have listed above but these are the ones that caught my attention. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our article on the best Roguelikes you can play.