Best Base Builds In Minecraft Legends And Tips & Tricks

Here is the best Minecraft Legends base build and some base-building tips and tricks.

If you have played Minecraft, you’d probably know the importance of having a strong base. It should be able to withstand enemy attacks without breaking down easily. Base building is the name of game in Minecraft Legends as well, and it’s important to know all the tips and tricks. It is definitely not easy as you think because you don’t want AI mobs and even real players walking over your base. This guide will show you the best Base Builds in Minecraft Legends.

Best Base Builds in Minecraft Legends


The best Minecraft Legends base build should include three main gates with multiple Archer Towers and a layer of three to four walls. A base like this will be nearly impossible for the hostile AI to take down. Archer Towers are as effective as they can get in the game. They are extremely strong and difficult to take down. Moreover, you can also use them to attack Piglins and even other Minecraft players. The best part about building Archer Towers is that they are quite cheap too.

Take a look at some other useful base-building tips and tricks to thwart attacks from your enemies:

Minecraft Legends Base Building Tips & Tricks

Here are some useful base-building tips to keep PvP and even PvE enemies at bay:

  • Layer Walls and Gates
  • Towers Make your Base 
  • Place Mobs within your Base
  • Use Ice Traps Effectively

Layer Walls and Gates

Just placing Walls and Gates around your base wouldn’t be enough. Make sure to lay your walls and gates in Minecraft Legends as they will become much stronger. In this way, Piglins or opponents will be spending a whole amount of time breaking through the multiple layers rather than one wall itself. This is a simple yet effective base-building tip.

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Towers Make your Base

Many players forget the most important aspect while building the best base – Towers. Place as many as you like within your base. There are different types of Towers too – Protector, Power, Arrow, and Scatter to name a few. We’d suggest that you place most of the towers close to the walls of your base. This will help your tower attack oncoming hostile AI or PvP opponents before they manage to come close.

Place Mobs Inside your Base

Your Friendly mobs would be more powerful if they operate within your base. Placing them outside of your base will increase their risk of dying at the hands of the enemy. This will also leave you wide open and without any backup options once the opponents infiltrate your base.

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Use Ice Traps Effectively

Ice Traps are your first and last line of defense in Minecraft Legends. Keep this in mind always and you’ll know how to get the best value out of it. Though they cost a decent amount of stone, they are best at buying yourself some much-needed time. You must place these traps near gates and walls, both inside and outside of your base. Whenever any enemy steps on an Ice Trap, they’ll be frozen in the same place. Though it won’t cause them any damage, you will still have time to plan your next move until the Frozen effect wears off.

That’s everything covered on the best base builds in Minecraft Legends. We hope you found these base-building tips and tricks helpful. For more on the game, head to our Minecraft Legends section on Gamer Tweak.