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Elden Ring: Best Axes & Greataxes Ranked & Tier List

Not sure if you should use an axe or a greataxe in Elden Ring? Check out this tier list to learn which are the best.

Elden Ring has some Axes and Greataxes that can be considered to be the best in the game. There are quite a bit of them in the game with varying damages and stat requirements. Thus it can be a bit confusing which you should pick. So in this guide let us check the tier list for Axes and Greataxes in Elden Ring ranked from best to worst.

Best Axes in Elden Ring & Tier List


best axes and greataxes tier list for elden ring

Axe Tier
Stormhawk Axe S-Tier
Rosus’ Axe S-Tier
Sacrificial Axe S-Tier
Jawbone Axe A-Tier
Battle Axe A-Tier
Highland Axe A-Tier
Iron Cleaver A-Tier
Warped Axe B-Tier
Icerind Hatchet B-Tier
Celebrant’s Cleaver B-Tier
Forked Hatchet C-Tier
Ripple Blade C-Tier
Hand Axe C-Tier

Stormhawk Axe – Best Axe in Elden Ring


This is the best axe in the game if you are focused only on Physical damage. It has:

  • Physical damage: 130
  • Critical damage: 100

And it gets the weapon skill Thunderstorm which costs 19 FP on use. To use it you should have:


  • Strength: 19
  • Dexterity: 15

Rosus’ Axe

You should use this axe if you plan on inflicting magic damage to your enemies. These are its stats:


  • Physical damage: 106
  • Magic damage: 68
  • Critical damage: 100

You get the weapon skill Rosus’s Summons with it, and using this skill costs 15 FP. To use it you should have:

  • Strength: 18
  • Dexterity: 10
  • Intelligence: 18

Sacrificial Axe

This is an alternative to the Stormhawk Axe. This weapon comes quite close to it in terms of damage. It has these stats:

  • Physical damage: 128
  • Critical damage: 100

You get the weapon skill Wild Strikes with it that costs 2 FP to use. To use it you should have:

  • Strength: 16
  • Dexterity: 10

Best Greataxes in Elden Ring & Tier List

Greataxe Tier
Gargoyle’s Black Axe S-Tier
Greataxe S-Tier
Executioner’s Greataxe A-Tier
Axe of Godrick A-Tier
Rusted Anchor A-Tier
Longhaft Axe A-Tier
Crescent Moon Axe A-Tier
Great Omenkiller Cleaver A-Tier
Butchering Knife B-Tier
Winged Greathorn B-Tier
Gargoyle’s Great Axe B-Tier

Gargoyle’s Black Axe – Best Greataxe in Elden Ring

Gargoyle’s Black Axe is the best weapon for not only dealing normal but also holy damage. These are its stats:

  • Physical damage: 100
  • Holy damage: 120
  • Critical damage: 100

This weapon comes with the skill War Cry, which costs 16 FP upon use. To use it you should have:

  • Strength: 24
  • Dexterity: 8
  • Faith: 22


It is a simple and strong weapon. Greataxe is best suited when your character is strong and you are focused on physical damage. Its stats are:

  • Physical damage: 151
  • Critical damage: 100

You get the weapon skill Barbaric Roar with it. It will cost you 16 FP whenever you use it. To use it you should have:

  • Strength: 30
  • Dexterity: 8

That sums up this tier list for the best Axes & Greataxes in Elden Ring. I suggest you check out our Tier Lists if you enjoyed this list. If Axes didn’t work for you then maybe you should try using the best fists in the game.