God of War Ragnarok: Best Armor Set To Use

Here is the best armour that you should use in God of War Ragnarok.

Having the best armor in God of War Ragnarok can make the game a bit easier for you. Like most games, the armor here will give you better defense against enemies. But each armor also gets a have unique perk with it. And some are just better than others or might work better for your playstyle. So in this guide check out the best armour set in God of War Ragnarok and how to Craft it.

Best Armor in God of War Ragnarok

best armour set in gof of war ragnarok
Image Credit: Nghia Eric on YouTube

Nidavellir Finest Plackart is the best armor set in God of War Ragnarok. The biggest thing going for it is that you get it quite early without having to progress much into the game. You do need to complete a Favor called “In Service Of Asgard”. In this side quest, you have to destroy some mining rigs. And as you progress in it you will acquire the resources you need for crafting this armor.

The main material you need to get this armor set is Nidavellir Ores. Here are the perks you get with this Armor set:

  • It increases your Vitality.
  • Chest Armour Perk: Stun Grabbing an enemy restores a bit of health. This is a good method to recover health and incentivizes players to do more Stun grab attacks.
  • Wrist Armour Perk: Reduces how fast the enemy Stun bar drains. This allows you to fight more carefully without having to worry about the stun bar of the enemy draining.

Due to the above perks, I feel this is a solid Armor that should not only be useful in the early game. But you should have no problems progressing in the later sections as well.

How to Craft Nidavellir Armor

You can Craft the Nidavellir Finest Plackart Armor by taking the resources you collect to Brok and Sindri (Huldra Brothers). While playing if you come across more Nidavellir ores then you can take it to them again to upgrade your Armor Set.

That covers this guide on the best Armor set you can use in God of War Ragnarok and how to craft it. If you are looking for more resources, or any other topics of this game then be sure to check our God of War Ragnarok Wiki.