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Best Armor In The Ascent For All Fights

Learn about the Best Armor for every fight in The Ascent from this guide.

The Ascent is a Cyberpunk-Themed Action Role-Playing game created by Neon Giant & was published by Curve Digital. At any given moment, you will be surrounded by enemies ready to take you down. As such, having a good set of Gear will help you to deal with them if not take them out. Weapons are plentiful in this game as compared to Armor. Armor is important for the protection of your well-being. In this guide, I will show you the Best Armor in The Ascent.

Best Armor in The Ascent

best armor the ascent

The Ascent is an action game where the player will be constantly in the fray. There are 4 types of damage in the game and as such, there is no Best Armor in the Ascent. Rather, depending on what enemies you are facing, you will have to use the Best Armor for that Damage Type. The 4 types of Damage are Physical, Energy, Digital, & Heat. Below is the table of the best Armor Set that resists each damage type in the Ascent.

Damage Type Armor Type Armor Piece Physical Defense Stat Energy Defense Stat Digital Defense Stat Heat Defense Stat
Physical Head Armor Custom Mechrhino Helmet 64 20 21 35
Torso Armor Custom SEC-5 Rig 63 52 49 45
Legs Armor P-50 Propulsion Protectors 55 15 30 45
Energy Head Armor D-60 Shock Trooper Helmet 45 55 60 45
Torso Armor E-40 Red Runner Smooth Top 22 61 9 15
Legs Armor E-60 Trackstomper Leg Rig 52 60 30 45
Digital Head Armor ED-60 Whisper Heavy Rig Helmet 50 50 62 55
Torso Armor Runner Coat 48 50 64 44
Legs Armor Runner Trousers 46 46 60 38
Heat Head Armor ED-60 Whisper Heavy Rig Helmet 50 50 62 55
Torso Armor Custom Flatliner Rig 60 50 50 60
Legs Armor F-50 Backburner Trousers 42 40 32 51

As you can see in the above table, each Damage type has an Armor set that best resists it. If you have to deal with enemies of these types then pick up the Armor set right from here. Else if you are facing a mixed variety of enemies then Mix and match the best Armor pieces that will best match your situation. Some of the Armor Pieces here have good stats outside of their main damage resistance. So, having those pieces is sometimes better than having the best piece on.

This was all about the Best Armor in the Ascent. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Fix The Ascent Lost And Found Bug.