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Berry Avenue Rug Codes (July 2023)

The creativity in Berry Avenue is undying and here are some of the Rug codes that you are looking for.

Decoration and creativity are two important pillars of Berry Avenue. Maybe that is the reason why many players are looking for Berry Avenue rug decal codes to improve the decor in their houses in order to impress their friends. Fortunately, rug codes are plenty and they are quite easy to get. So if you are looking to invite your friends to your house in the Roblox Experience, here are some impressive codes that will make your rug look lively.

All Berry Avenue Rug Codes (July 2023)

Rug Codes Berry Avenue Roblox

As most players would know, Roblox has a huge marketplace for Berry Avenue since many players love to get new and updated decals for their houses. Here are some of the Berry Avenue Rug codes that players can try for their houses:

  • 13403665487
  • 13403666459
  • 13403667692
  • 13403670625
  • 13403672405
  • 13403675240
  • 13403678687
  • 13403685691
  • 13403684711
  • 13403686592
  • 13403687602
  • 13403688405
  • 13403689108
  • 13403690245
  • 13403691533
  • 13403693374
  • 13403695259
  • 13403696037

How to Use Rug Codes in Berry Avenue

In order to use Rug Codes, you need to get a house in Berry Avenue. After that, players can head in and click on the rug and they will get the option to input the code. Once they use the correct code, the rug will be redecorated according to the code. Since there is a huge marketplace for such decal codes, players might even come across many. If you want to take a look at how these rug codes are, you can check out the video below. We got these codes thanks to flovoraa and you can check how they look right below:

Like the Rug Codes, players often look for Decals and Picture codes as well. Since the game is all about creativity and fashion as well, you might want some Baddie Outfit codes, Shoes codes, and even Swimsuit codes. You can check them all out right here at Gamer Tweak. Since you like playing Roblox Games, do not miss out on our dedicated section for that.

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