How To Become A Team Leader In Royal Match

Want to put your leadership skills to use? Here is how you can become a Team Leader in Royal Match.

Royal Match offers a unique and colorful gaming experience. In order to help King Robert build his empire back up, you will have to solve challenging yet fun puzzles. Playing this game alone can be enjoyable, however, it also features the option of creating Teams and becoming a Team Leader. The perks of forming a Team are never ending. Apart from helping one another you can also take part in Team events and defeat others to win treasures and battles. If you are interested in taking up this role and guiding your teammates, you can learn all about it by following the steps mentioned in this guide.

How To Create a Team & Become a Team Leader in Royal Match

To be appointed as a Team Leader, you will first need a Team under you. Make sure you have crossed Level 21 to access the ‘Teams’ Feature. If you have already reached this level, here are all the steps you can use:

How To Create A Team & Become A Team Leader in Royal Match
  • Launch Royal Match on your device.
  • On the main screen, at the bottom, you will see the Teams options. This will be located right next to ‘Home’.
  • Once this opens up, there will be three tabs, ‘Join’, ‘Search’, and ‘Create’. Tap on the ‘Create’ tab.
  • You can customize your Teams features by using the functions – Team Logo, Team Name, and Description.
  • Under ‘Team Type’ you will see the option – Closed Team and Open Team. If you select Closed, no player will be able to join the Team without the Team Leader’s approval. However, if you select Open, any player will be able to join the Team.
  • Set the Required Level and click on the ‘Create’ tab. Building a Team will cost you 100 Coins.

After completing this process you will be the proud owner of a newly formed Team and can share all the Team details with your friends and family, so that they can join this group. Since you have created it, you will be the designated Team Leader. Furthermore, only you will be able to appoint a Co-Leader if you need help managing your teammates.

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