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How To Become Best Friends In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Here is your guide on how to use the Best Friends app in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the most fun and engrossing games available on the Nintendo Switch. Players can spend hours of their time customizing their island with various trinkets they like or go on a hunt to find over 80 different bugs and fish scattered around the world. But what about when you need a helping hand? So here is a quick guide on how to use the Best Friends app in Animal Crossing that will walk you through the steps needed to become someone’s best friend in Animal Crossing.

Note: Players first have to be listed as friends on each other’s Nintendo system before becoming best friends in Animal Crossing.

How to unlock the Best Friend App in ACNH

best friends animal crossing

Once you unlock the ability to visit other islands the steps to becoming best friends are as follows.

  1. Make your way to the airport and talk to Orville at the counter, let him know you want to play online with others, this unlocks the Best Friends app on your NookPhone. This application is important as it lets you connect with other players and send out invites.
  2. Send out your invites or visit someone’s island to become friends. If you want to keep things private, Orville will help you set up a temporary code. Either way, once this is done, you’ll show up on each other’s friendship list.
  3. Now open the Best Friends app on your NookPhone, choose the player of your choice from the friend list, and send them a request. All that’s left is for your friend to accept and you both can be on your way to collect all the bells you can muster.

Players who are just starting will have to wait a full day before they can visit other islands, activities like crafting log stakes or changing your roof colors and getting familiar with the game are advised.

This process might be a little tricky, but the enjoyment gained makes Animal Crossing New Horizons worth your time. Check out our guides on how to get Pearl oysters or how to get customization kits to unlock the complete Animal Crossing experience.