Wo Long Fallen Dynasty First Boss: How To Beat Zhang Liang, General Of Man

Facing endless Crushing Defeats? Check out our boss guide on how to beat Zhang Liang, the General of Man in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Holding its reputation as a Soulslike game, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty features the first boss as the most challenging and hardest to defeat. Zhang Liang, the General of the Man will test your parrying and roll skills at their maximum peak. If you are new to the Soulslike games, this can be one hell of a boss fight to begin your journey. But with some help and a couple of tips & strategies, you will be good to beat this boss in no time. So, check out our guide on how to beat Zhang Liang, the General of Man boss in the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

How to Beat Zhang Liang, General of Man Boss in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty (First Boss)

how to beat zhang liang wo long fallen dynasty first boss fight guide

The Zhang Liang boss fight features two phases. For the entirety of both phases, you must deflect and cause him Fatal Strikes. But while the first phase of this boss fights will be simpler and easier, the second phase can get a bit challenging. We recommend players raise a Battle flag close to the Boss arena for an easy checkpoint.

So, let’s delve into both phases of the Zhang Liang boss fight in more detail.

First Phase

During this phase, Zhang will stump down his Club on the ground before coming at you with sheer power. Before he smashes his club into the ground, you can get a couple of hits. If you are confident enough, you can also use Martial Arts attacks. Or you can hit him with light attacks and throw a combo with Spirit attacks. Since the boss arena is wide, you can use all the space to deflect and maintain distance.

As the phase continues, Zhang Liang can come at you from above in the air with his club. Even if you deflect his attack, make sure to maintain a distance as it is an AoE attack. Be wary when Liang glows red as he can hit you with a critical attack. Try to deflect and parry this attack at the last moment to land a Fatal Strike. We recommend players spam the boss with Normal attacks to interrupt his aggressive stance.

Note that saving the Dragon’s Cure Pot can help you with healing in the second phase. As it will be much more challenging, we suggest saving them up for the second Zhang Liang boss phase in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. For the next phase, you have to deplete his health bar by half to complete the fight.

Second Phase

Once you have depleted his first health bar, a cutscene will be triggered starting the Second phase. The phase will begin with Zhang reaching out with his mutated and demonic arm. But the arm won’t reach you from his position. During this phase, endurance and survival are the most crucial factors. While he will be throwing similar moves at you, it can get riskier.

You can double deflect to maintain a distance and guard from his incoming attacks. One of his most lethal moves involves summoning rocks from beneath the ground to the boss arena. Although it looks like it cannot be deflected, you can deflect it by timing it perfectly. If not deflected, it can one-shot kill you. We recommend putting your guard up and using most of the combos with Spirit attacks.

Speaking of his arm attacks, Zhang can land a Critical blow if his elongated arm reaches you. But since this attack will be denoted by the red glow, you can deflect it before it lands. Note that taking cover behind rubble might not work for this phase. That’s because Zhang Liang can smash them into smaller rocks. Similar to the first phase, he can also attack by launching himself from above whilst smashing his club. The only difference is that this attack can deal more damage compared to the first phase.

We suggest players be more patient and get the Critical Blows. A couple of Critical hits can deplete a great deal of his health bar. Alternatively, you can also use a couple of Wizardry Spells and deflects to take him down. After you have depleted more than half of his health bar, you will be prompted to summon a Divine Beast. But this is prompted only if you have the full Divine Beast gauge. You can press the prompted keybinds or keybuttons to trigger the cutscene concluding the boss fight.

That’s everything covered about how to beat Zhang Liang, the General of Man in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. If you liked this guide, check out our guides on how to exact Vengeance, how to get Genuine Qi easily, and more Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Guides in our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.