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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Trilla: How To Beat Her (Boss Guide)

Unable to defeat her? Check out our boss guide on how to beat Trilla in Jedi Fallen Order.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order follows the saga of Cal Kestis as he embarks on the journey to revive the Jedi Order. While you encounter several enemies and bosses, Trilla Suduri is one force to reckon with. Being a former Jedi Padawan, she has tons of Force abilities and attacks at her disposal. So, you might need some tips and help to defeat this badass Jedi Hunter. Check out our boss guide on how to beat Trilla in Jedi Fallen Order for some tips and strategies.


How to Beat Trilla in Jedi Fallen Order

Before you get on with this boss fight, you need to unlock all the Lightsaber attacks. Also, make sure to unlock all the Force abilities that can heal as well. In comparison to Taron Malicos boss, defeating Trilla is much easier. You will encounter her for the first time on Zeffo planet. While this boss fight is pretty short, you will encounter her at the fullest, later. You will face Trilla while progressing through Chapter 6, the Fortress Inquisitorius.

There are two phases to the Trilla boss fight. So, here are some tips to defeat Trilla in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order:

Phase 1

  • You can use the Force Slow ability to freeze time and attack her. Alternatively, you can also use the Delay Thrust attack.
  • Unlike other bosses, maintaining a distance against Trilla is quite useless. That’s because she can close this distance by zapping or teleporting your way.
  • You must keep your shields up for the entire boss fight as she can zap next to you in a moment.
  • You need to keep on countering her moves and attacks to deplete her stamina.
  • Once you find the stamina bar empty, close the distance and attack her to deal more damage. While depleting her stamina puts her in a vulnerable situation, she can also use some unblockable moves.
  • With her stamina bar zero, get out of the way if she glows red. If you don’t counter this move, she can grab Cal and throw him on the floor taking a swing.
  • This is her lunge and slam attack that can cause enough damage. The best way to deal with her unblockable attacks is to get out of the way.
  • Another unblockable move involves the lunge and stab attack. Although you need to constantly keep your guard up, also try to get some hits to damage her.
  • Upon depleting almost half of her health bar, a Probe Droid will spawn. This could be a trouble with Trilla Suduri still in sight.

how to beat trilla fallen order

  • Nevertheless, you can use the Force Pull to fire it at Trilla. We suggest focusing only on Trilla and parrying or dodging the Droid’s bullets.
  • Trilla can also throw her lightsaber onto you as it could lead to a gruesome attack.
  • You have to be more patient in dodging or evading this attack. Wait until she starts moving to dodge her lightsaber attacks.

Phase 2

Once you have depleted half of her health bar, you will enter the second phase of the Trilla boss fight. Most of her attacks are unblockable and can cause high damage if you don’t dodge out of the way.

  • For such attacks, you should keep on evading her attacks through parrying and dodging. As we have reached the final phase, try to use the STIMS more wisely.
  • During this phase, she can throw combos of lightsaber at you while chaining these attacks.
  • On the brighter side, you can deflect these attacks. But what’s unpredictable is the number of times, she can throw it. So, be weary and cautious when she throws her lightsaber.
  • Another of her lightsaber antics involves throwing a lightsaber that orbits around. While it is a pretty great move, we suggest closing the distance and attacking her in front.

how to beat trilla fallen order

  • She will also unleash the ground slam attack which deals with AoE damage. As soon as the shockwave spreads out, you can jump over it to counter the damage.
  • Keep your guard up if she attacks with close-range attacks. To counter this attack, you can maintain a distance against her.
  • But as you do so, she can damage you with her flash grenades. As this can blind you for a moment, try to roll sideways to counterattack.
  • Similar to the first phase, she can also zap across the distance to close the distance. So, keep on using the Force Push and Force Pull.

Once you have depleted her health, a cutscene will be triggered. What happens next? We leave that to you to discover for yourselves (Darth Vader breathing intensifies).

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