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How To Beat Teleporting Enemies In Battletoads

Some enemies are highly annoying in Battletoad's, one of them is those which teleport's frequently. Here is a guide on how to beat them.

Teleporting enemies are one of the most difficult enemies to defeat in Battletoads, it is hard enough to land an attack on them let alone defeat them. If you want to defeat teleporting enemies in Battletoads then check out our article on how to do it so that you can finally claim victory against them.

How To Defeat Teleporting Enemies In Battletoads


Teleporting enemies will zip through the entire screen before you get the chance to land a normal attack on them and this is where a lot of players get confused because you won’t be able to do so.

  1. To defeat the teleporting enemies what you need to do is hit them with a morph strike which can be easily done by holding down B and unleashing this devastating move.
  2. Now you won’t be able to use morph attacks all the time, so you will need to get creative in stopping these miserable cretins and you should definitely try making them stick to the ground.
  3. To do this press and hold LT on your Xbox One controller and then press B. This will stun the teleporting enemies opening a window up for you where you can use your normal attacks to defeat them.
  4. Using this trick will definitely be a game-changer as enemies who once could not be attacked just wait for you to come and attack them being stunned.
  5. One of the best things about the teleporting enemies is that their attacks are slower and this will give you ample time to find a target and defeat them easily.

Apart from this, there isn’t much that you can do to defeat teleporting enemies in Battletoads, make sure to check out how to How To Get S Rank In Battletoads.


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