How To Beat The Tank Guardian in Sonic Frontiers

Here is a detailed guide on how to beat the Tank Guardian in Sonic Frontiers.

There are a total of 18 Guardians littered around the vast Sonic Frontiers world. Coming up against each Guardian means dealing with different fighting mechanics but also getting rewarded handsomely. The Tank is one such Guardian who can’t be put down easily. If you’re looking to ace this battle, here is our guide on how to beat the Tank Guardian in Sonic Frontiers.

How to Defeat the Tank Guardian in Sonic Frontiers

The Tank Guardian otherwise known as the Tank can be found in the central area of Ares Island. Its appearance is like that of a robotic beetle. Despite its heavily armored demeanor, the Tank is quite agile and can also fight aerially. To start the battle, simply walk up to the Tank.The Tank Guardian in Sonic Frontiers

Phase 1

As soon as you approach the Tank Guardian, it will start spinning and create a tornado around Sonic. Once you’re enveloped in the tornado, the Tank will start releasing flames at high speed. Dodge its attacks while remaining stable in the air. Attack the vulnerable and unarmed parts of the Tank’s shell by using the Homing Shot. Once you deal enough damage, the tornado will stop as the Tank falls to the ground. With the robot remaining stunned, this is your perfect opportunity to strike some combos at it. Once the Tank reaches 50% of its health, he will start spinning again. This will start phase 2 of this battle in Sonic Frontiers.

Phase 2

The Phase 2 of the fight remains more or less the same. The only difference is that the Tank will use its cannon to shoot fireballs. Dodge and wait for this attack to end and keep using the same tactics as explained in Phase 1. A good combo attack will finally put the Tank Guardian down for the last time. Use your finishing moves and destroy the manic robot for good!

That brings us to the end of our guide on how to beat the Tank Guardian in Sonic Frontiers. If this guide helped you claim victory, do check out our boss fight tips on Giganto and Asura as well.