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Sonic Frontiers: How To Defeat Asura

Here is a short guide on how to defeat Asura in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers has given its fans not only an exhilarating open-world game but has also added a ton of boss fights. With every boss fight, there’s no one size fits all tactic to help you beat them. You’ll have to use a different way to get the job done each time. One such boss that you’ll encounter pretty early on in the game is the Asura Guardian. In this guide, we’ll show you how to defeat Asura in Sonic Frontiers:


Tips to Beat Asura in Sonic Frontiers

How to Defeat Asura in Sonic Frontiers

Phase 1

The first phase of this fight is pretty simple. You just have to approach Asura and bait him into attacking you. Asura will throw out his arm to stomp Sonic which is easy to dodge. When this happens, a number of blue rings will appear on his arm. Run into these blue rings and you’ll receive speed boosts. In this way, you can gather enough momentum to reach the top of Asura’s head. Once you’re here, start attacking the pillars. Once it’s destroyed, the enemy’s entire arm will collapse, and you’ll move to Phase 2.

Phase 2

Things start getting tricky from here on in. Asura will create a wall of red rings on his second arm. Although these red rings won’t damage Sonic’s health, they can still act as a barrier. You might get pushed back each time you hit those rapidly approaching red rings. Make sure to evade these rings by using the boost button to jump over them. Once you reach the top, you’ll notice a red ring enveloped around the second pillar. These barriers can hurt Sonic so be sure to jump over them and take the pillar down.


Phase 3

Once you destroy the third pillar in the battle against Asura in Sonic Frontiers, you’ll move to the last and final phase. This phase is quite hard to beat and hence, you’ll need to be extra careful. But don’t panic, make your way to the top using the same technique. Asura might try to shake you off, try maintaining your balance immediately by double jumping in the air and staying above the barrier to attack the pillar. Once you bring the final pillar down, your foe will crumble, and the battle will come to an end.

Portal Gears will help you unlock Cyberspace Portals. This will in turn allow you to access various mini games from previous Sonic classics. For all your trouble, you’ll get a Portal Gear after beating this boss. However, there is another way to earn 2 extra Portal Gears. These are located in Asura’s legs. Use your Cycloop ability to make Asura lift his foot. Once that is done, use the Homing Shot. This will break Asura’s foot and a gear will drop out of it. Do this for his other foot as well to be awarded with another Portal Gear.


That’s it, you will be able to beat Asura in Sonic Frontiers with these few steps. If you liked this, consider checking out our detailed Sonic Frontiers guide here.