How To Beat Riddle School 3 Fast

Karan Pahuja
6 Min Read

There are several different point-and-click games available to play but not many have the same charm as Riddle School 3. It is the third game in the series and also the one which is one of the hardest to beat. This is because you need to collect 100 cents that are spread around the school and often quite easy to miss. But worry not the walkthrough below will have you finish this game in no time.

How to Complete Riddle School 3

how to beat riddle school 3

Escaping Mr. Soggy’s Class

  1. Click on the Ruler to add it to your inventory. get ruler
  2. Next, repeatedly click on the globe to spin it and take the chewing gum from it. get chewing gum
  3. Drag your ruler to the chewing gum to combine them. combine ruler and gum
  4. Use it on the vent. get rubber band to beat riddle school 3
  5. You will now get the rubber band.
  6. Drag and drop the rubber band on Mr. Soggy’s face to hit him with it. get glasses from mr soggy
  7. He will lose his glasses, collect them and leave his classroom. collect glasses to beat riddle school 3

Getting Coins from Library & Supply Closet

  1. Collect the coin on the ground. collect coin outside library to beat riddle school 3
  2. Go to the Library and give the Librarian Mr. Soggy’s glasses. give glasses to librarian to beat riddle school 3
  3. He will give you a Bookmark in exchange.
  4. Combine the bookmark with your ruler and chewing gum to increase its reach. combine bookmark with ruler chewing gum
  5. Go back outside and then go left.
  6. Collect the coin on the floor here. get coin from supply closet
  7. Next, head to the Supply closet and use your extended ruler to get the coin from the top of the shelf. get coin from supply closet

Getting Coin from Janitor’s Closet

  1. Go back outside then go to the Men’s room.
  2. Click on the Red door.
  3. It will open the stall.
  4. Here, click on the toilet paper to collect it. take toilet paper in rs3
  5. Next, drag and drop it inside the toilet. clog the toilet to complete riddle school 3
  6. Finally, flush it to clog the toilet. This step is important to bring out the Janitor from his room. use flusher
  7. Go out then left and then upstairs. Before going up make sure you pick the coin near the steps. pick coin near steps
  8. First go to the Janitor’s closet and collect the coin below the chair inside. collect coin below janitor's chair

Helping Richy – Beat Riddle School 3

  1. Go back outside and click on the locker that has a voice coming out from it. click on locker
  2. Talk to Richy and he will tell you to get him out. You can find his locker’s password in Mrs. Oddverb’s classroom.
  3. Go back down and head to the Teacher’s Lounge.
  4. Talk to her and choose “Mrs. Oddverb, about Richy”. choose mrs oddverb about richy
  5. Next, choose the options to tell her that he is stuck and ask her to go back to her class. tell her he is stuck in a locker
  6. Once both teachers leave click on the middle drawer to collect the coin from there. click on the drawer in teacher's lounge
  7. Now, go back up and go right to get to Mrs. Oddverb’s classroom.
  8. Pick up the coin outside her class. pick coin outside mrs oddverbs class
  9. Then go inside and collect Richy’s locker password from her class. take locker combination
  10. Next, go back outside and before leaving click on the left locker here. This is your locker collect your coin. (I had to come back for it hence the sudden jump in money.) take coin from your locker
  11. Go back to his locker and click on the password from your inventory.
  12. The password will be “BLOBBLES” which is upside down for the number combination which is “5-3-7-8-8-0-7-8”. riddle school 3 richy locker password solution
  13. Enter this password and Richy will give you 25 cents. He will also tell you he collects buttons and badges.

Making & Selling Button to Richy

  1. Go completely left on this floor. You should be outside Mrs. Flask’s room, and collect the coin on the ground here. pick coin outside mrs flask's room
  2. If you go in and talk to her she will tell you she needs a button to start her machine.
  3. Go back down and then left to Miss Count’s room.
  4. Click on the “A” keyboard key. collect keyboard button
  5. Go back to Mrs. Flask’s room and drag and drop this button on her machine. fix button making machine
  6. You will now get a “Science Rocks” button, take it. take new button from machine
  7. Go to Mrs. Oddverb’s class and give this button to Richy. He will give you 25 cents for it. give button to richy

Getting Chubb out of the Way

  1. Next, go down in the Hallway and then left to reach the Lunch Room.
  2. Talk to Mrs. Munch and buy the Chocolate pudding from her. You need 100 cents for it so make sure you don’t miss out on any coin locations mentioned above. buy chocolate pudding to beat riddle school 3
  3. Take this pudding and go upstairs.
  4. Drag and drop it on the boy in yellow t-shirt that says “Feed me”. feed chubb and finish riddle school 3
  5. After he rolls out of the way you can go to the office.

Escaping the School to Finish Riddle School 3

  1. Go inside the office and tell Mrs. Mooses that you are here to see Mr. Potato. tell mrs mooses you want to see mr potato
  2. When she asks why tell her “I’m Awesome”
  3. Turn right and go to Mr. Potato’s room, he will be playing video games.
  4. Your character will take the key from his table. take key
  5. Finally, go back to the Hallway and use the left exit to escape. use left escape to beat riddle school 3

Once you follow all the above steps you will complete this game easily. If you are looking to play more such games then you should also check out Riddle School 2. And for other such walkthroughs head over to Gamer Tweak.