How To Beat The Rhino Boss In MW2 DMZ

Here is how you can beat the bullet sponge Rhino boss found in the Koschei Complex in MW2 DMZ.

The Rhino boss is one of the most challenging enemies in Call of Duty MW2 DMZ mode, along with the Sniper. He is a heavily armored brute found within the Koschei Complex, along with another boss as his support; Sniper. However, with the right strategy, loadout, and patience, it is possible to defeat the Rhino boss and Sniper to claim the Weapon Case reward and exfil with it.

How to Defeat Rhino Boss in MW2 DMZ

rhino boss dmz mw2 sniper

Here are some tips you should follow in order to defeat the Rhino boss in MW2 DMZ:

  • Know the locations: The Rhino is always roaming around in the large central hall area while the sniper is on the second floor on a railing. You can spot the Rhino by his riot shield and a bright green laser on his gun.
  • Equip close-range weapons: One of the best strategies to beat Rhino is to overwhelm him. Have your entire team attack him at the same time. Use weapons like SMGs or shotguns to quickly bring down his armor and health.
  • Be wary of other enemies: Besides Rhino and Sniper, there will also be other enemies in the room. Having one teammate dedicated to killing them while everyone focuses on Rhino is a key strategy.
  • Watch out for his charge attack: Once in a while, he will get really angry and charge at you in order to use melee attacks, it is best to keep a safe distance so you can safely avoid this when it happens.
  • Be patient: The Rhino is an absolute bullet sponge that takes a lot of time to be put down. You will have to use things like munitions boxes to keep being able to fire at him.

How to Defeat the Sniper in Koschei Complex

In MW2 DMZ, once you have beaten the Rhino boss, he will drop a 50 GS pistol and a note. More importantly, defeating him will open a door that will allow you access to the second floor of the Factory Wing where the Sniper is. Here is how you can defeat the Sniper:

  • Make your way through this door that will lead you to the Sniper.
  • There will be traps along the way so be cautious. Dismantle them as you progress towards him.
  • You will also have to defeat other AI enemies while you make your way to him.
  • Once he is killed, he will drop a Secure Room Key.

Use this key to gain access to the secure room and get the Koschei Complex Weapon Case.

That is all on how to beat the Rhino and Sniper in DMZ MW2 to get the Koschei Weapon Case. If you are looking for more guides on DMZ mode, you might be interested in where to find sensitive documents in MW2 DMZ and how to find the Research Center room in MW2 DMZ.