How To Find Research Center Room In DMZ For Warzone 2

Here are the details on how to find Research Center Room for loot in DMZ in Warzone 2.

There were a lot of new missions added for DMZ in Warzone 2, but where can you find the Research Center Room to complete these missions? These rooms are often locked behind closed doors. They contain locked caches that you probably need access to. However, getting the keys to these locations can prove to be easier than finding the locations themselves. This is why this guide will help you find the Research Center Room.

How to find the Research Center Room for DMZ in Warzone 2

research center room dmz

The Research Center Room is going to be in the Town Center part of the map. This section of the map is to the west side of Ashika Island. Here you need to get to the north side of the City Hall building.

The easiest way to find this building is through the bridge that connects Town Center and Beach Club. When facing toward the Town Center side of the bridge, it is the first building to the right. This building in the Town Center doesn’t have a name on the map. However, when you enter and walk through its doors, you will see a sign on the wall that says ‘Research Center’.

Keep in mind that this location is also a Stronghold spawn. If it is a stronghold then you will need a stronghold card key to enter it. It is advised to avoid this when it is a stronghold because of having to fight the AI.

In order to find the exact Research Center Room that you are looking for, head to the second floor. From here, find one of the doors that is locked and requires the Research Center Door Key. This is the Research Center Room that you are looking for.

That is all you need to know on how to find the Research Center room in DMZ. For more guides like this, check out our other articles like how to find Rusty Fridge and how to complete Muddy Waters DMZ mission in MW2 and Warzone 2.