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How To Defeat Phantoms In Sea Of Thieves

Here is how you can beat Phantoms in Sea of Thieves.

Phantoms are enemies in Sea of Thieves that are pretty tricky to beat.  have a random spawn on most of the islands. They are green luminescent pirates which are transparent. It will be easy to know that a Phantom is spawning as you will first hear a windy sound and eerie whispers. This will be followed by the Phantom. They can spawn solo as well as in groups.


Now, remember, these Phantoms can switch between their weapons depending on how far they are from you. They will have a sword and a firearm with the sword being the close-range weapon used when they are nearby and the forearm as the long-range weapon.

So here is how to easily defeat Phantoms in Sea of Thieves:

How To Beat Phantoms In Sea Of Thieves?

Phantom Sea Of Thieves

To beat Phantoms, use a sword as your weapon in Sea Of Thieves. It is difficult to know how much damage they are taking so keep slashing them with your sword until they turn to smoke. There will be no indication whatsoever whether they are taking any damage or not.

You need to be careful as they also have teleportation skills that will help them dodge their attacks. Not only that, but they also can attack you mid teleportation so you need to be on your feet.


Defeating them via any other weapon will take longer and some of the weapons do not even work against them. So stick to the sword and attack them as frequently as possible and back to back.

So that is all for our guide on how to defeat Phantoms in the Sea Of Thieves. If you would like to know how to easily get trident of dark tides in the game, we have a guide on that too for you to check out.