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How To Beat Painter Champion Challenge In Clash Of Clans

Here is how you can get 3 stars in the Color Fest Painter Challenge in Clash of Clans.

With the Color Fest going on in Clash of Clans many players are unable to beat the Painter Champion Challenge and need help with it. But it is all worth it because upon completing you get useful rewards like 400 XP, 20 Gems, and most importantly a Builder Potion. So here is how you can get 3 stars in the Painter Challenge in CoC.

How to Beat Painter Champion Challenge in Clash of Clans

clash of clans coc beat color fest painter champion challenge and get 3 stars
Image Credit: Judo Sloth Gaming on YouTube
  1. Use 2 Rocket Balloons on the left. at Archer towers.
  2. Now, use the earthquake spell on the top side of the base. Place it between the Inferno tower, Poison tower, Sweeper tower, and the rocket air defense.
  3. Also use 2 lightning spells, 1 between the inferno tower and the rocket air defense. And the other between the Sweeper tower and the Poison tower.
  4. Next, use Royal Champion near the Archer tower and use their ability to destroy the 4 towers in a single move.
  5. The Royal Champion will move west on her own targeting other rocket air defenses.
  6. Place 1 dragon in the top gold storage.
  7. Next, spawn the Head Hunters behind the Royal Champion after the Inferno Tower is destroyed. They will help you fight the enemy Royal Champion.
  8. Use the Skeleton spell on the left side of the Scattershot.
  9. Next, spawn all the dragons and balloons on the bottom right side.
  10. Freeze both inferno towers. Also, freeze the Eagle with it.
  11. Rage at the town hall.
  12. Use the freeze spells on the Scattershots. You can even send your Rocket balloons to eliminate them faster.

Once everything is destroyed you will get 3 stars and will complete the Color Fest Painter Challenge.

Thanks to Judo Sloth Gaming on YouTube for this tutorial. I suggest you also check out their video below to see how they do it and replicate the strategy easily.

That covers this guide on how to beat the Painter Champion Challenge in Clash of Clans while getting 3 stars. If you found this guide useful and are interested in more topics for this game then also check out our guides on how to get raid medals and how to get league medals.