How To Beat Nidoqueen In Pokemon GO (Weaknesses & Best Counters)

Want to know the best counters and weaknesses of Nidoqueen? Then check out this guide to learn how to beat Nidoqueen in Pokemon GO.

Nidoqueen is a Poison & Ground type Pokemon that is an evolved form of Nidorina and the final form of a Nidoran. It is known to be better at defense rather than attack. So, does that make defeating Nidoqueen difficult? Well, if you manage to target the Poison & Ground type Pokemon’s weaknesses, this fight will be a breeze. So, if you are looking for the best ways to beat Nidoqueen in Pokemon GO, then this guide will come in handy.

How to Beat Nidoqueen in Pokemon GO


If you want to beat Nidoqueen in Pokemon GO, then you must focus on its weaknesses against certain Types. You should choose Pokemon that belong to the Ground, Ice, Psychic, and Water Types to easily defeat Nidoqueen.

Avoid using Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Rock, Electric and Poison move types as Nidoqueen has the strongest resistance towards them. Moreover, you should also bring a Pokemon that has either the same or a higher Combat Power (CP) than Nidoqueen. This will ensure that you have an easier time in battle. Here are the move types that target Nidoqueen’s weakness and the amount of damage inflicted:

  • Ground: Damage increases by 1.25
  • Ice: Damage increases by 1.25
  • Psychic: Damage increases by 1.25
  • Water: Damage increases by 1.25

Another useful tip to beat Nidoqueen in Pokemon GO is to use a move that is exactly similar to its Type. So, in case you are using a Charmander or Squirtle, then using a Fire Move or Water Move respectively would deal 25% more damage to Nidoqueen. While you divert all your focus toward attacking Nidoqueen, we’d also recommend being cautious in defense. Try choosing those Pokemon who are resistant to Nidoqueen’s move types. Here are all the Pokemon types who are resistant to Nidoqueen’s moves/attacks:

  • Poison Jab: Ghost, Ground, Poison, Rock, and Steel
  • Earthquake: Bug, Flying, and Grass
  • Sludge Wave: Ghost, Ground, Poison, Rock, and Steel
  • Bite: Dark, Fairy, and Fighting.

That’s all you need to know on how to beat Nidoqueen in Pokemon GO. We hope that this guide helped you out and you were able to learn Nidoqueen’s weaknesses and defeat her. For more tips like this, head to our Pokemon GO section on Gamer Tweak.