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Omori: How To Beat King Crawler

Here is how you can beat King Crawler in Omori.

While playing Omori you can find it hard to beat the King Crawler. This is a boss you come across in the Pyrefly Forest. The boss is not difficult as such but his one ability makes it feel like he is immortal. And that is using Sprout moles, he eats them and regains health. Thus if you don’t know what to do about them then the fight can go on forever. So in this guide let us check how to defeat King Crawler in Omori.

How to Beat King Crawler in Omori

how to beat king crawler in omori
Image Credit: 녀리링별 on YouTube

There are two strategies you can use to beat King Crawler in this game. Both of them require your team to be at least level 10. The higher your team level the better. You also don’t need any special skills as such. Without further ado let us check both methods.

  • Happy Team
  • Sad Team

Here are both strategies.

Happy Team

For this strategy, you need one healer so Hero cooks most of the time.

  1. Make King Crawler Angry using Mock from Omori.
  2. Next, make Kel Happy using Pep Talk from Aubrey.
  3. And use Kel for attacking.
  4. Lastly, heal everyone using Hero’s Snack time.
  5. Now, the catch here is to make everyone happy and King Crawler angry.
  6. So, initially spend your turns applying emotions to every character and King Crawler.
  7. Also when King Crawler decides to eat a Sprout mole it is best you prepare your buff attacks. You can choose to attack the sprout mole but you have to make sure it destroys in that turn. Because in the next turn King Crawler will eat it and regain health.
  8. The Sprout Mole makes King Crawler Happy. So apply the Angry emotion to it again when it becomes happy.
  9. Hence, keeping King Crawler angry is the key here. Then once the whole team is happy to use their attacks on him.
  10. Repeat this strategy until you defeat him.

Sad Team

This strategy is similar to the previous one, but this time you make King Crawler Happy and the team Sad.

  1. Make Omori use Sad Poem on Kel.
  2. Next, Aubrey has to use Pep Talk on King Crawler.
  3. Kel has to attack King Crawler
  4. You can use Guard or Snack Time for Hero depending on the attacks by King Crawler.
  5. The strategy here is to make King Crawler happy and the team sad. So if King Crawler eats a Sprout Mole it works in your favor.
  6. Just, use the initial turns to make the team sad using Omori.
  7. Once everyone is sad make the team attack.

While attacking it is best if you have the following skills in your team. These are optional but can help end the fight quickly.

  • Omori
    • Hack Away
  • Aubrey
    • Power Hit
    • Headbutt
  • Kel
    • Rebound
    • Run ‘n Gun

That covers this guide on how to defeat King Crawler in Omori. If you need more help on this game then check out our Emotion Chart for Omori. And for more things gaming check out Gamer Tweak.