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Omori Emotion Chart (All Emotions)

Here's how all emotions work in the Omori Emotion Chart.

Omori game, based on the webcomics of the same name by Omocat has become one of the most praised role-playing games since its launch on PC back in December 2020. Now with Xbox & PS console releases, many players are checking how all emotions work in the Omori Emotion Chart. Today we will try to explain the combat system in our guide. So without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

How Do All Emotions in Omori Emotion Chart Work?


Omori Emotion Chat shows a ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ style status effects mechanism for all the in-game combats. These status effects are based on the current emotion of your character during a battle. A character’s or enemy’s emotion can be affected by moves or attacks by other characters in the battle.

Apart from Neutral (base emotion), your team or enemy can be Angry, Sad, or Happy during the fight. Apart from these, there are higher-intensity variations of these emotions in Omori. So Happy>Angry>Sad>Happy emotions, and Happy<Sad<Angry<Happy emotions.

All Emotions in Omori Emotion Chart


The way how these rock-paper-scissors style emotions affect each other is shown in the Omori Emotion Chart. You can get the chart right from the “tutorial” once you beat the Lost Sprout Mole enemy. Then the “Hero” will introduce you to the emotion system using this chart. You can view this Omori Emotion Chart we attached above for reference. But to break them further down, here’s how they work:

  • Neutral is the base emotion with any effects during battle
  • Happy rises “Luck” & “Speed” but drops “Hit Rate”
  • Angry rises “Attack” but drops “Defense”
  • Sad rises “Defense” but drops “Speed” along with some damage to “Heart” in form of “Juice”

As you can see from our chart above, Happy is strong against Angry emotion, Angry is strong against Sad emotion, and Sad is strong against Happy emotion. Same way, Happy is weak against Sad emotion, Sad is weak against Angry emotion, and finally Angry is weak against Happy emotion in Omori. So with that in mind, here’s how they fare against other emotions and the damage taken during their higher-intensity emotion stages:


Happy Emotion vs Angry Emotion vs Sad Emotion
Happy 80% 150%
Ecstatic 65% 200%
Manic 50% 250%
Angry Emotion vs Sad Emotion vs Happy Emotion
Angry 80% 150%
Enraged 65% 200%
Furious 50% 250%
Sad Emotion vs Happy Emotion vs Angry Emotion
Sad 80% 150%
Depressed 65% 200%
Miserable 50% 250%

As a final quick reference, here’s the list of buffs and debuffs you get when entering different emotion stages in Omori:

Happy Emotion


  1. Happy – Increases 200% Luck, 125% Speed, but lowers -10% Hit Rate
  2. Ecstatic – Increases 300% Luck, 150% Speed, but lowers -20% Hit Rate
  3. Manic – Increases 400% Luck, 200% Speed, but lowers -30% Hit Rate

Angry Emotion

  1. Angry – Increases 130% Attack, but lowers 50% Defense
  2. Enraged – Increases 150% Attack, but lowers 30% Defense
  3. Furious – Increases 200% Attack, but lowers 15% Defense

Sad Emotion

  1. Sad – Increases 125% Defense, but lowers 80% Speed and 30% damage changes into Juice
  2. Depressed – Increases 135% Defense, but lowers 65% Speed and 50% damage changes into Juice
  3. Miserable – Increases 150% Defense, but lowers 50% Speed and 100% damage changes into Juice

That’s all about how all emotions work in the Omori Emotion Chart. While you are here, make sure to check out our Video Game Guides for more tips & tricks like this in all the latest popular games.