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Soul Hackers 2: How To Beat Herald Melchizedek

Here is how you can beat Herald Melchizedek in Soul Hackers 2.

Herald Melchizedek is the first boss that you need to beat in Soul Hackers 2 from Milady’s Soul Matrix. This boss can be tricky to fight especially after it brings in its reinforcements. But you will be surprised how easy the fight can be if you know its weakness. So in this guide let us check how to defeat Herald Melchizedek in Soul Hackers 2.

How to Beat Herald Melchizedek in Soul Hackers 2

how to defeat herald melchizedek in soul hackers 2
Image Credit: FP Good Game on YouTube

You can beat Herald Melchizedek in this game by attacking it with skills imbued with Electricity. Another thing that you should make sure to have in your team is characters that can use these two skills:

  • Sukukaja: Improves the target’s ability to aim and dodge.
  • Sukunda: Lowers the target’s ability to aim and dodge. Arrow and Saizo get this skill.

Also before starting the fight, make sure your character’s soul level is at least 10 or more. Here is how you should play this fight, and how you can beat it.

  1. Use the Sukunda and Sukukaja skills in the first turn.
    • So since you have 4 characters, two of the skills you use right away, should be these two.
    • As for the other two moves, you can either attack Herald Melchizedek twice. Or use the 1 character’s move to buff the team and others’ move for attacking Herald.
  2. After your turn is over, during the Enemy turn phase Herald will try to attack the players.
  3. If you used Sukunda, Herald will miss its attack.
  4. When dealt enough damage Herald will summon a reinforcement.
  5. She looks like an angel, and that applies Sukukaja to both of them, so this time Herald’s attacks will connect.
  6. During the player’s next turn, instead of using skills like Sukunda or Sukukaja. Use all 4 character moves to attack Herald. Or you could use 1 character to buff the team attacks, and the other three moves to attack Herald.

Keep attacking Herald in the next turns until you chip all of its health away. The best moves to use against Herald are:

  • Mazio
  • Zionga
  • Needle Shot

One final tip for this fight, don’t waste your turns attacking the Angel. Even if you do eliminate her, Herald will just bring another one to the fight. So you should use your moves to attack it instead of the Angel.

That covers this guide on how to defeat Herald Melchizedek in Soul Hackers 2. While you are playing this game don’t miss out on our guide on all answers for the Academics Wanted quiz.