How To Defeat Gigas Boss In Final Fantasy 16

Here is how to beat the Gigas boss in Final Fantasy 16.

The Gigas boss has been a staple part of the Final Fantasy series over the years. In FF16 however, the boss takes the shape of a giant goblin. Clive will encounter him during the Lost in a Fog main quest. Armed with a gigantic cub, Gigas is quite faster than he looks. Moreover, as he unleashes his barrage of cub attacks, the boss fight may prove extremely difficult to complete. If you are stuck and want some tips, then here is a guide on how to beat the Gigas boss in Final Fantasy 16.

How to Beat Gigas in Final Fantasy 16

gigas boss fight guide ff16

Gigas can be beaten easily in Final Fantasy 16 if you focus on precisive dodges and counter-attacking him. Using the Blessing of the Phoenix can come in handy during this battle. Two of Gigas’ main attacks are the overhead club smash and the big club swing. So, make sure to avoid being struck by them or you will lose a huge portion of your HP.

Most of Gigas’ movesets and attacks are quite straightforward. The overhead club attack cannot be parried or blocked so just dodge to the side. The Gigas boss may look slow as well. However, make no mistake, the giant Goblin can cover a lot of ground. So, you will have to be on your toes. In Gigas’ Big Swing attack, the boss will swing his cub continuously in a circular motion seven times. And that’s not all, he will also follow you throughout the arena in the process. The best way to deal with this is to wait for the right time to make a precisive dodge and then land attacks from behind.

That’s everything you can do to beat the Gigas boss in Final Fantasy 16. We hope that this guide managed to clear your doubts. For more boss fight tips and quest guides, head to our FF16 section.