GoW Ragnarok: How To Beat Fraekni The Zealous Berserker Soul (Midgard)

Take a look at the Tips & Tricks to defeat Fraekni The Zealous Berserker Soul in (Midgard) GoW Ragnarok.

As we all are familiar, the God of War franchise will never let you down when it comes to strong enemies to fight. In this GoW Sequel, they’ve done it again, there are several bosses and mini-bosses you can fight while progressing through the main story. Apart from the main story bosses, the game also consists of some optional bosses, that you can fight with only if you want to. One such is the Fraekni The Zealous, she is a part of the Berserker Souls in the game. However, if you’re planning to fight with her, then here are some tips that you should surely go through. In this guide, we’ll help you beat the Fraekni the Zealous Berserker Soul Boss in (Midgard) God of War Ragnarok.

Disclaimer: The following guide contains some massive spoilers. So, if you don’t want these spoilers, now is the best chance to head back and check later.

How to Defeat Fraekni the Zealous Berserker Soul in God of War Ragnarok

How to Defeat Fraekni the Zealous Berserker Soul God of War (GoW) Ragnarok

Here’s how you can beat and win the fight against Fraekni the Zealous Berserker Soul in God of War Ragnarok. If you haven’t been able to track this mini-boss then simply head to Midgard. There on the frosted plain in Lake of Nine, you’ll find her Gravestone. Simply head ahead and interact with it to wake up one of the Berserker Souls. So let’s take a look at the tips & tricks to defeat Fraekni The Zealous in the game.

  • As soon as you initiate the fight we recommend you attack her with some of your power moves. But make sure you step back when she’s ready to wield her close-range attack. She tends to jab with her pretty big Axe, which you can avoid by parrying.
  • Another attack you should be aware of is her Dash. This attack is pretty brutal only if you are in her way. A simple side step can make her run into the frozen walls. Players can read this dash whenever she jumps back and says, Guide me, my King.
  • Also be aware of the Air attacks that she tends to use by taking a step back and then jumping toward you to slice you up. In this case, you can always use your Shield. According to the players she uses this attack pretty often, so we recommend you keep your best shield close. Players can read this attack whenever she says Repent, but be aware even if she doesn’t.
  • Fraekni The Zealous also shows some ground attack damage, that you don’t have to be worried about. Simply make a jump and it’ll be dogged pretty easily.

Once her health bar is low the game will prompt with an R3 button, that you can tap to finish the fight. This is how you can beat Fraekni The Zealous Berserker Soul in God of War Ragnarok. However, if you are wondering which is the best weapon you should use during this fight, then scroll down for answers.

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Which Weapon Should I Use to Win Against Fraekni the Zealous in Midgard?

We recommend you especially use a combo of Leviathan Axe and Blades of Choas and avoid using the Spear. Using Blades and Axe will surely make you win the fight. Players can even throw the Axe to the Boss when she’s charging to attack and use Blades of Chaos in the meanwhile. As the Leviathan Axe has a Stun effect, simply use it to buy you a couple of seconds. Also, don’t forget to use your Shield whenever the enemy is trying to jab with her Axe.

That sums up everything about how to beat Fraekni the Zealous Berserker Soul in God of War Ragnarok. While you are here take a look at which is the best Chest Armor to use in the game.